What A Year!

I cannot believe that I am already sitting here writing my 2012 wrap up. I joked all spring, summer and fall that I was going to blink, and I'd already be married and it would be Christmas. And here we are, staring at a brand new year.

As always, I'm finishing the last few hours of 2012 on the blog with a wrap up of this year- and what a year it has been! If you haven't been following long, you can read the 2010 wrap up here and the 2011 wrap up here.

2012 was (not surprisingly) filled with wedding planning. In addition to getting my Filofax all ready for a new year in January, we also picked a wedding date and our venues- a beautiful local farm for the ceremony and Brian's childhood backyard for the reception. The official countdown to September 8 began...

February brought around a few complaints and joys of commuting to work on public transit, the sending of our save the dates, and the perfect wedding dress! I felt terrible that I could only share a photo of the dress hidden in it's bag, but knew you guys would understand.

March brought some warmer weather and some awesome new kicks (which actually made it into the wedding as my reception shoes), the selection of some beautiful bridesmaid dresses, the crazy decision Brian and I made to get back into running by signing up for a 5K, and quite a few crafty days between sewing a floor cushion, and creating a tiny cacti terrarium.

April was a great month for many reasons: the beginning of the season for the White Sox and some pretty awesome games, I got my first ever passport, and Brian and I ran our first ever official race!

The Wedding Pile began taking over our apartment in May. This month, we also decided to throw all tradition out the window and go with our dream of having a pig roast at our wedding, my Filofax Malden became an essential tool in our wedding planning, and I managed to share my Filofax geekdom with my favorite author.

We finally decided on Costa Rica as our honeymoon location in June. I was also lucky enough to attend two Filofax meetups, one in Chicago and another in Oak Brook. And to keep up the wedding planning, I went with my soon-to-be mother-in-law to select all of our wedding flowers.

July not only brought record high temperatures, it also brought a new bag (always a good thing!), a decision to move into a new place, and an absolutely beautiful bridal shower!

August was a month full of moving insanity, finally getting our engagement photos taken, and entering the single-digit wedding countdown.

September was a jam packed month, but only two things really are worth sharing: WE GOT MARRIED and then we spent nine days in the amazing Costa Rica.

In October, I shared where we stayed in Costa Rica, Yet another pen switch for my Filofax, my planner decision for 2013, and the quintessential fall weekend.

Instead of bringing snow, November brought reflections of Costa Rica, mainly what we ate, and using the combination of my Filofax and phone to record every detail of the trip.

And here we are in December! This has been an incredible end to the year, with a good dose of holiday insanity, our first year of cutting down our own Christmas tree, and more than a few complaints about no snow (speaking of which, I'm STILL waiting for it...)

How did your year end up? Are you where you thought you would be? Excited for what's to come in 2013? I know I am. But for now, we are headed out to visit friends in Indiana to complete our New Years Eve tradition- I'll be back next year!

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