Warm weather and new kicks

Happy Wednesday! In all honesty, I keep thinking it is Monday since I worked my side job the first two days of this week and today is my first day back at my "real" job. But hey, I'm sure I'll love it when it is Friday and it only feels like Wednesday!

Speaking of love, the weather here in Chicago this week is definitely on my list of loves this week. Come on, 74 degrees and sunny in mid March? Ahhhhmazing. Granted, I'm sure the temperature will drop back down, and I wouldn't even be surprised if we see more snow, but for now I'm loving it. So much so that I got some new shoes to celebrate!

Ok, I didn't really buy them in celebration of the weather, but you get my point. I've been obsessed with intrigued by Tom's shoes for a while now, in fact, I planned on buying a red pair to wear under my wedding dress for the reception since I can guarantee I won't last in heels all night. But, when my favorite moccasins literally started coming apart at the seams last week, I knew something had to be done. So, when B and I were registering for wedding gifts this weekend, I stopped in at Nordstrom and walked out with these...

So much for waiting for the wedding... oops. Oh well, they'll just be more... erm... broken in by the time the wedding rolls around. While my heels will strictly be worn in the house until my wedding day debut, I kind of love the idea of having some well loved kicks to come to the rescue when my feet are killing me from four inch pumps. Plus, Tom's is an amazing company (you should go read about them once you're finished here) and are based on an even-more-amazing One for One Movement. Long story short, for every pair of shoes you buy from Tom's, they in turn give a pair of shoes to a child in need somewhere in the world. Kinda makes you want to go out and buy them in every color, doesn't it? And trust me, they have plenty of amazing colors to choose from- I've got my eye on a few more already.

In addition to the amazing humanitarian goals of this company, their shoes are friggen comfortable! And despite the fact that B calls them ugly, I think they are super cute. I even got compliments on the first day I wore them out, so he can kiss my butt. Ha. But seriously, these shoes are amazing (yes, I'm staring lovingly at them on my feet as I write this). I'm super excited to wear these on my wedding day, and even more excited to wear them many more days before and after the wedding. I strongly suggest checking them out- and no, I don't work for the company, although I wish I did!

Do any of you have shoes you can't live without? Share in the comments!

Oh, and I did get my red wedding heels in the mail over the weekend (hint: they are INCREDIBLE). As soon as I snap some pics you know I'll be sharing them with you!

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