A (new) place to call home

When I told you all about our upcoming big move (other than that whole wedding thing) I promised some pictures when we visited on Saturday. I'm happy to say I kept my promise- and in just over a week too, which is pretty exciting.

So, if you don't have time to click on over to that last post, it basically boils down to this: in addition to getting hitched in a mere 51 days, B and I decided that we will also be packing up our little apartment and moving into a house six miles away. Unfortunately we aren't home owners yet- instead B's uncle will be our new landlord. He also happens to have an adorable little two bedroom house that just became available. Just call us home-renters...

In addition to a bunch of photos, I also decided to draw up a little floor plan sketch. Consider yourselves lucky- I rarely share my artistic abilities with the world. Mainly because they don't exist. But still, I've hand drawn the little layout of our new space to share with you so you can virtually walk through with me. Yes, I realize most of my lines aren't straight. And yes, I realize the toilet is abnormally large. Just be glad I didn't try to draw people..

Our new space has two bedrooms, 1.5 baths, a finished basement, and all the other basics that come with a house. But it also comes with a few perks.

Like a giant deck (get your minds out of the gutter). Seriously, we're super excited to have all of this outdoor space, especially because all we have now is an itty bitty balcony that barely fits two chairs and a grill. We literally eat on our laps when we sit out there.

It also has a fairly large backyard, with an additional paved patio area. Unfortunately it isn't fully fenced, but I'm going to get Frankie a super long tie out so he can wander to his heart's content. And see that little strip of weeds, etc. running alongside the garage? That will hopefully be tomatoes, herbs, and more by next summer. I'm so excited to expand my little garden beyond the three herb plants I have now! Homemade salsa with homegrown tomatoes and peppers? I think so!

Let's move inside, shall we? I'm going to apologize for the mess now- the former renters have moved out, but definitely didn't keep the place very clean. Fortunately, B's uncle is having the whole place scrubbed, repainted, and is having the carpets cleaned before we move in. I was just so excited to share pictures I figured you could ignore the dirt and random baby gates...

This is our kitchen (duh) and that door is the one that leads to the deck (excuse me, huge deck). Even though it is only one of three doors in the house, it is the one we will probably use the most for two reasons: it is closest to the TWO CAR garage, and because the walkway to the front door looks like this:

Honestly, whoever put on the addition (which includes the living room with the front door) didn't think to clearly when placing it on the opposite side of the house. Apparently no one has ever used that front door- when B's uncle lived there they even put their Christmas tree right in front of it. No joke. How odd does this little space look from the inside?

Anyway, back to the kitchen.

It has a pretty simple layout, and will definitely be improved once we add a little breakfast bar/table and a pantry. But there is one thing I am super excited about.

Yes, it looks like a basic cabinet. As the soon-to-be-daughter-in-law of a custom cabinet maker, you'd think I would have better taste in cabinetry. But look at those shelves!!! Ok, this would make a lot more sense if you saw our nearly identical cabinet in our current place. Nearly identical, except it has no shelves. Which has made it the black hole hell for pots and pans. Seriously, no matter how many times I organize that damn cabinet, it looks like a tornado came through two days later. Moral of the story? Pull out cabinets make me very happy.

Moving on.

Right off the kitchen is our full bathroom (there is another half bath in the basement). Despite a slightly 80s feel, this bathroom is a total upgrade from our current place. First off, a window! We might actually get light in the bathroom! It also has a big linen closet over to the left of the window, which means we can store towels, etc. right in the bathroom- how novel! And that tub? It's jetted, which means I'll be taking a lot more baths since we basically have our own little built in spa. The only downside is I have a pretty good feeling B is going to make me get rid of my awesome penguin shower curtain since the shower has a door. Bummer.

This is bedroom #2, which will probably become our office. Ignore the tree- this was the previous renter's nursery for their little girl. And ignore the facial hair on B in the corner- he needs to shave! But once this tree is gone and the room is freshly painted, it should make for a perfect little office for us.

I didn't even bother to include a photo of our master bedroom since it is pretty basic. Although this is my biggest fear:

Yep, that is one tiny closet. For both of us. Yikes. Now, this wouldn't be a big deal, except that our apartment (which has a full-wall closet AND a walk in closet in the master bedroom) has us a bit spoiled. Yes, we both have our own closets right now. Closets that are at least double the size of this one. But we'll make it work somehow. I might actually have to start rotating my clothes by the season now...

Here's our dining room, located just off the two bedrooms. I'm beyond excited to bring my dining room table in this space- it is an antique table that my Mom and I found at an estate sale and refinished together. It's way too big for our apartment, but will work perfectly here. That door in the corner leads to the basement.

Which brings me to reason no. 251 why I don't mind being short. Signs like the one above simply don't apply to me. While everyone else is at risk of concussion while descending those stairs, I can walk right under that threatening beam. With a few inches to spare. Go me.

At first the basement is nothing to write home about. Big wash basin, washer/dryer... thrilling. But then you turn the corner.

That's right, we have a built in bar. Complete with an awesome brass footrest, TONS of shelving, and a place for a mini fridge. Definitely thinking we need to have a "stock the bar" party around the holidays...

Here it is again, from a different angle, just because I'm in love.

Isn't it beautiful? Coincidentally, we may have gone home and added four bar stools to our wedding registry- yay for moving in and getting married all within a few weeks!

There is also a half bath down here, along with a door that leads directly to the driveway, which will be perfect for parties and other gatherings. Gotta love being able to keep the mess contained. We also just got a free couch and loveseat from B's neighbors, who upgraded their still-in-great-condition set. Not exactly our taste, but at this point, free beats anything. So we'll have a sleeper sofa and double-reclining loveseat for whoever wants to house crash us!

While we are beyond excited to move into the new place, there are definitely a few things we'll miss about our first apartment. I mean, it was our first place together (okay, only I am sentimental about that part). But we'll also miss the fireplace, and I'll definitely miss having a tiny amount of weekly cleaning and dusting. I'm also a bit nervous because our new place has three doors that lead directly outside- should be interesting the first few nights B has to work late. But the neighborhood is safe, and I've got my 10 pound attack dog to guard me.

Unfortunately, we don't get to move in until August 15 (to avoid paying full double rent for August, since our current landlords are evil). But with all of the wedding planning and work obligations (plus packing) we've got a lot to get done in the meantime anyway. I'm sure August will be here before we know it.

Speaking of wedding planning, this weekend is another packed one. I've got my final dress fitting, plus we've got to run some errands to get last minute details like bubbles and fabric for our seating. After I get my nails done with my sister on Sunday, B and I are heading out to where he proposed for some engagement photos- better late than never! You know I'll share them with you when we get them back.

What are your plans for this weekend? Anyone else packing, moving, or marrying?

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