Told you!

Wow, I may be a month late, but at least I am getting apartment pictures up! Sorry it has taken so long-- although I guess the holidays are crazy for everyone. 

Anyway, enjoy! Especially you Pop!

Ah, welcome home!

My favorite feature: the fireplace. B's favorite: the 47" LED TV!

The dining room-- we even got to pick the red accent wall!

A little dark, but our kitchen is great! Especially the window.

Our itty-bitty washer and dryer which are IN the kitchen!

Guest/hallway bath. Most of the houses we looked at didn't even have these!

B's half of the office.

My half. Of course I couldn't forget Audrey!

Master bedroom. Nothing too special. 

Except for my walk in closet! Love it!!!

Especially since B gets his own closet on the other side of the room!

Finally, our master bath. I love how the sink and tub/toilet are separate-- it makes getting ready a lot easier!

That's about it. It isn't anything huge, but it definitely suits our needs. I left out the balcony-- it doesn't look too inviting these days! I will update those pictures when there isn't a few inches of snow out there.

It might not be much, but it is a place to call home!