Because we're crazy

I think I've mentioned a few times in passing on the blog, but I figured now that it's official I'd let you know: in addition to finishing our wedding plans, we're also preparing to move from our little apartment.

Yes, we are crazy. Normal people don't plan moves before their wedding. Especially not three weeks before their wedding. But hey, who ever said we were normal?

Honestly, we probably wouldn't be moving if not for a few factors. For one, our lease is up August 31, so we initially had to decide if we wanted to stay or move. While we love our little apartment, neither of us are really "apartment people" and have been craving more space (or at least a yard and garage). But between the tight schedule and budget, we figured we'd just try to stay in our place for another six months and take it from there.

Then an opportunity fell into our laps that we couldn't pass up. Brian's uncle has a house that he rents- it is actually the house that he and his wife lived in when they first got married. Miraculously, the couple that have rented it for the past several years are moving out! But we were worried for awhile- we've been going back and forth with his uncle and the couple for a few months now. At first the couple was going to move out into their own home, but after an inspection fell through, they decided to stay. Fortunately for us, they worked something out and ended up moving out over this week. So Uncle Gary will be cleaning up over the next few weeks, and we'll move in the week of August 15!

I'm a bit embarrassed that I can barely even describe the house- when we went to walk through in May I was totally thrown off when the renter was there and walked through the whole house with us. It's kinda hard to really check out a space when you have some guy following you around while you inspect his bedroom and bathroom. I do know that it is two bedrooms and 1.5 bath- just one tub short of what we have now. And we honestly only use that second bathtub for bathing the dog anyway, so we're not too worried! It also has a finished basement, complete with a built in bar!

The fact that we're moving mere weeks before the wedding has me a bit nervous, but the house is only about six miles from where we are now, so hopefully it won't be too terrible. I'm just preparing myself to live out of boxes until we return from the honeymoon. Eh, we've never done anything the traditional way, why would we start now?

I just found out last night that the couple is 99% out of the house already, and Brian's uncle will be there on Saturday to start cleaning up/surveying anything that needs to be done. So we'll probably head over at some point during the day to see the place again and talk schedule. Right now we're planning on moving in on August 15, since our current place won't let us out of our lease a month early. That way, we'll only have to pay his uncle half rent for August instead of paying full rent at two places.

I'm hoping to snag a few photos for you all on Saturday, but I'll have to see how it goes. I'm just excited about a yard so I can plant a real little garden and a two car garage- my days of clearing snow off my car are over!