That is some pig!

Ok, so you'll have to excuse the terrible Charlotte's Web reference in the post title (for anyone who caught that). Probably not my most heartwarming analogy, but it was just way too easy!

Anyway, I'm super excited to share that not only did we have our catering tasting last night, but that the food is AMAZING. Yes, I had to go all caps there, and I'll do it again. AMAZING!

I'll admit that I'm a bit freaked out by the fork wielding pig that serves as Uncle Bub's mascot, but let me tell you, their food completely makes up for it! Not to mention their customer service is absolutely incredible. We've been working with Jay since day one, and he has been so accommodating, enthusiastic and helpful that I can barely believe it. He has helped us with menu options, and even helped cut the cost down when we said we were a bit worried about our budget (since we are paying for everything ourselves). And when we scheduled the tasting, he even asked if there was anything else on the menu of side items we would like to try just in case we found something we liked better. How many people would do that?

When we finally got to meet Jay in person last night, he continued to outshine our expectations. From greeting us at the door, to bringing us drinks, I totally felt like royalty. And after spending a lot of time on the other end of the service industry, I've got to say it felt a bit odd- but nice! Once we were at our table, Jay confirmed all of our menu choices and said the food would begin to come out shortly. Five minutes later, our "tasting" began to arrive. I put tasting in quotes, because the only person who would consider the amount of food the brought us a "tasting" would be a giant. Or one of the stars of My 600 Pound Life. Seriously, they brought us SO much food. We had: two sandwiches worth of pig roast, two marinated grilled chicken breasts, rolls, cornbread, and huge bowls of baked beans, green beans almondine, sweet kernel corn, buttered potatoes, and potatoes au gratin. I felt ridiculous sitting there will so much food in front of us. Until I started eating it.

To those of you readers who will be attending the wedding, be warned: you are going to gain a lot of weight. And to those of you who keep reminding me to make sure to eat on my wedding day so I don't pass out: you have NOTHING to worry about. I tried the first bite of the pig roast and it seriously almost melted in my mouth. As in, so-tender-that-I-barely-had-to-chew. The chicken was just as good (even Brian agreed, and he's not a big plain-grilled-chicken-breast kinda guy). I was the only one who tried the baked beans and green beans since Brian hates them, which was just fine by me since I probably wouldn't have been willing to share anyway. The corn was a bit sweet, but absolutely perfect with a bit of salt. I seriously can't say enough about the food.

They also have two different sauces out, a mild and spicy. The mild was a bit sweet for our taste, but when mixed with the spicy it was perfection. When we asked Jay which sauce would be out on the buffet, he replied with, "Whichever one you want." Good answer! So, we will have the pork on the buffet un-sauced, with both mild and spicy sauce right next to it so our guests can mix their own!

The only place we got caught up was the potatoes, and only because both options were so good. At first, we got distracted by the au gratin potatoes and their cheesy goodness, but the more we thought about all of the other food we would have on the buffet, we decided that simple, butter-and-parsley red skin potatoes were the way to go.

So, without further ado (since I've already gone on about piggy-goodness way too long), here is our wedding menu:

Roast Pig
Marinated, Grilled Chicken Breast
Tossed salad with Ranch, French, and Raspberry Vinaigrette
Rolls, Flour Tortillas & Cornbread
Baked Beans
Sweet Kernel Corn
Red Potatoes with Butter & Parsley

Sounds pretty amazing, doesn't it? We definitely can't wait. And the best part is that we don't have to! Since Uncle Bub's also has a restaurant, we've already decided that we will probably head over there for a few additional tastings (aka working our way through ordering everything off of their menu) between now and the big day. Especially since we've blabbed about it to some friends and family who will be at the wedding, and now they want a sneak peek too! 

Now I'm sitting here dreaming of the delicious BBQ at Uncle Bub's. Fortunately, I still have a few leftovers from our tasting waiting for me at home! 

Even though we still have a few months until the wedding, a huge thank you needs to go out to Uncle Bub's, and especially Jay, for making us so happy that we decided to stick to our guns and have a BBQ, backyard wedding- we are so excited!

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