So, I know I'm a bit late on this, but since we just got back from the lake last night, I have to say that WE DID IT!!! We finished the race, that is:

Please excuse the nasty, sweaty grossness... that's what 3.1 miles can do to you! And yes, the photo is from Instagram- I've become a bit of an addict lately!

Regardless, we both finished the race. And, I finished faster than the 35 minute goal Brian so lovingly set for me, even though I'd never done it in under 36 minutes and change. I ran the 5k Saturday in 34 minutes and 6 seconds- go me! Granted, I wasn't sure if I was going to make it that last .1 mile, but I did it- go me! Brian didn't do to shabby either- he finished in 26 minutes and 36 seconds, just a bit higher than his 25 minute goal. I thought that goal was way too much anyway, but he really wanted to go for it. I'm just glad he finished before me- having him waiting at the finish line was pretty awesome and definitely got me through the home stretch.

After the race we headed home, packed up, and headed for the lake. We both took Monday off work, so it was nice to still get a full weekend in at the lake house. We actually fell asleep by 8:30 Saturday night (I guess that's what happens when you wake up at 6 a.m., run 3.1 miles, then drive 3.5 hours)! Other than spending a few hours on Sunday clearing a few brush piles, mowing and raking for Brian's parents, we spent the rest of the weekend relaxing and having much needed conversations about wedding planning. Which means I have a lot of details to share with you all!

But, I'll save those for tomorrow and the rest of this week. For now, check out my view for the past few days- is it hard to imagine why I'm already dreaming of next time we'll be there?

On a positive note, since I took yesterday off, today completely feels like a Monday. Terrible now, but it will be great when Friday rolls around and I feel like it's only Thursday!

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