Moving insanity

Well, the wedding/moving pile has officially been dismantled.

Unfortunately, it has reassembled itself about six miles east...

Anyone want to guess how my week has been so far?

As hectic as last weekend/this week has been, it has also been a lot of fun. On Sunday, Brian and I packed both of our Subarus twice and brought the carloads of boxes over to the new place.

We were greeted by quite the surprise when we got there! Brian's uncle (aka, our new landlord) had replaced the worn kitchen and bathroom floors, installed a new sink in the bathroom, and installed a brand new oven, washer, and dryer! He even put new flooring in behind the basement bar and half bath. Totally unexpected, but the change is pretty awesome. Once our floors aren't covered in boxes I'll take a photo so you can see what I'm talking about. Oh, and he also replaced both toilets, but one of the old ones was still in the side yard waiting to be thrown away. Old toilet + my insane fiance = ridiculous photos like this...

What a catch. Anyway, by the time we had to leave on Sunday, we had brought four carloads of boxes over. Other than a few dishes, we didn't bother unpacking much. Instead, we headed off to Brian's parent's for a yummy dinner of Chinese take out.

Technically, today was supposed to be our first official move in day. But since a certain someone (ahemBRIANahem) had a bug up his butt to move sooner, we ended up finishing all the packing of our old place Monday night. This included taking apart our bed frame, which meant this was our sleeping set up on Monday night:

Brian would probably kill me for sharing that picture, but since he never looks at the blog, what he doesn't know won't hurt him! (While editing this post, I totally just noticed Frankie's glowing demon eyes shining out from his cage/bed/my nightstand. Who knew my dog had superpowers?)

When I got home (old home) from work last night, we (along with Brian's dad and sister) reloaded both Subies along with his dad's big work truck with most of the rest of our stuff. How do possessions accumulate so quickly? We just moved his sister out for her first time ever two weeks ago- the first move out of your parent's house is so much easier!

But, with a one trip caravan of a truck and three cars, we managed to get almost everything to the new place. Which now looks like a bomb went off inside...

Someday, the above will look like an office, and this will look like a master bedroom.

And if you squint real hard, the photo below could potentially be a nice, cozy living room.

At least all of the boxes lying around have one benefit: while I was getting ready to leave this morning, I quickly realized that Frankie's dog gate wasn't going to be big enough to fit into our oversized kitchen doorway. While we don't plan on restricting his house access forever, we felt a bit more comfortable keeping him on the linoleum kitchen flooring for the first day alone while we were at work. Then we'll slowly give him more access to the house as he gets more accustomed to it. This method worked in the last place, so we're hoping it works here too. Anyway, as I was looking around trying to figure out how to limit Frankie (who is LOVING his new back yard, btw) to the kitchen, it dawned on me that I was surrounded by boxes. Since Frankie tends to be scared of any large, towering objects, I figured a simple box-dam would be the perfect way to keep him from escaping!

I don't get home until about 6:15, so I guess I'll see then how well it stays in tact. Although I did realize that Brian's uncle will be stopping by today to do some more work on the basement- he's probably going to think we're crazy! I'll update you on the box-dam success... hopefully he didn't find a way to wrangle himself out (he's notorious for pushing down gates with all of his 10 pound might).

So, that's the long, over-sharing story of our move so far. Tonight I'll be unpacking more boxes- I'm hoping to be able to see the floor again by the weekend! Once we are a little more set up, I might even try my hand at a quick video tour of our new little home... stay tuned!

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