Dress success, part two!

In addition to being absolutely BEAUTIFUL weather, this weekend allowed me to check another to-do off the wedding planning list- ordering bridesmaids dresses. I wrote about finding my dream dress about a month ago, but now it was time to find one dress that five girls could agree on. Six if you include me!

Even though all of my lovely girls said that they would wear whatever it was I wanted to put them in, I was a bit nervous going into the appointment. I figured we would need the full hour and a half provided to find something they all agreed on. So imagine my surprise when we were completely done in just about 45 minutes!

I headed in to the shop with four of my bridesmaids- unfortunately Brian's sister Julie couldn't make it since her evil bosses ignored her request to NOT work Saturday afternoon. We had four dresses pre-selected, something I had insisted on because I had seen the store and knew how overwhelmed we would be if we hadn't narrowed it down a bit before heading in. Our consultant had three of the four in stock, so three girls each tried on a different dress.

One was immediately put back- it made poor Whitney look more like a set of curtains than a beautiful bridesmaid. The dress that Alex was wearing was quickly tossed aside as soon as everyone saw the dress my little sister Jade had picked to try on. All five of us immediately narrowed in on this dress and I knew it was the one! Plus, it was the least expensive of the three- always a bonus.

Of course, they only have one size and one color in the store. We didn't go with the purple (although it was beautiful) but here is my lovely maid-of-honor Casey showing off some impressive modeling skills nonetheless:

And from the side...

Can someone please ask me what I was thinking when I picked the tall, gorgeous blonde to stand up next to me on my wedding day? Just kidding, of course, this girl is amaze-balls. Yep, just worked balls into a compliment to my bestie. Go me.

Anywhoo, like I said we didn't go with the purple, but instead opted for a deep red since the girls said they would kill me if I tried to put them in tangerine or aqua. So, we opted for a shade they called "garnet" that looks something like this:

Model not included. But, paired with some black heels, I think this dress will be perfect for the vintage/classic look we are going for. Plus (and I know it's cliche) but a few of the girls have already said they can't wait to wear it again!

Whew. One step closer (and a lot more steps to go). Julie and I are going to go get her dress ordered tonight- they said Saturday that they won't be ready until mid to late July so we want to get all orders in ASAP so the girls have time to have them altered, etc.

So, how about you, dear readers? Any shopping happen this weekend? Or dress fabrics that made you feel like grandma's curtains? As always, share in the comments!

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