A new bag = a better back

Any excuse for a new bag, right? In my defense, I've been using this same bag every.single.day since I bought it last October. That is until this lovely little thing came in the mail a few days ago...

Ok, so it isn't little. And I don't know that I'd describe it as "pretty." Although I will say the color is much better in person. Think more of a pumpkin-y orange. I couldn't get the darn color to show up correctly, and my photographer fiance was working late.

Anywhoo, I was looking for a new tote bag for a number of reasons. First off, I wanted something that would work well for the honeymoon. My current tote is very roomy, but it doesn't zip or snap shut. I figure between planes and walking around Costa Rica, a bag with a zip would be a good idea. I also wanted something a little more commuter friendly, since I'll likely be biking to the train a lot more once we're in the new house. Plus, all of my commuting with a shoulder bag is wreaking havoc on my back- waking up every day to back pain kinda sucks.

Yes, I know this bag doesn't look very commuter friendly, especially on a bike. Nor does it seem it will do much for back relief. But watch this:

Boo-ya, instant backpack straps! I can't believe I actually just said boo-ya on this blog. Twice.

Moving on.

Not only is this bag a tote, but it has hidden backpack straps (you can barely see them tucked in the pocket two photos up) that hide away in their own little compartment. And Overland Equipment, the bag's maker, thought of everything. To prevent the bottom buckles for the straps from flailing around when in tote-mode, there are sneaky little pockets along the bottom of the bag where you can tuck them in as well.

I'm seriously impressed with these tiny details. Speaking of details, there are three organizational pockets on the front of the bag, two of them covered by a magnetic closure.

The inside also has a bunch of organizational pockets...

And a padded laptop sleeve (which is currently housing my Filofax, hehe)

In addition to the zipper, it also has a buckle closure, which I'm sure will come in handy when I have the bag stuffed and can't zip it shut!

I can't yet comment on the durability of the Cambridge bag, since today is my first day using it. I'll definitely report back once it is use for a few months. I'm also planning another What's in My Bag? post, although it will be pretty boring since my bag contents don't really change. Oh well.

Are any of you as excited about a new bag as I am about the Cambridge? Or another new something? Do tell.

Here's my obligatory note: I am in no way affiliated with Overland Equipment, the maker of this Cambridge bag. I paid for this bag with my own dollas, and am simply super excited to share it with you. If you buy it and hate it, don't blame me! I, personally, love it already. Thank you for your cooperation, you may now resume reading.