What's in my bag- Fall 2011

I tried... I really did try. After reading this amazing post by Zoe, I knew she was right and that I could reduce my shoulder and back aches by limiting the normally huge amount of crap I carry with me everyday. But then I went to Florida and found this...

Isn't it just beautiful? It's the N/S Tote by Fossil, a company who I adore. I wanted to go for an all leather handbag, but my budget just couldn't swing it. Turns out, I'm falling in love with the coated canvas of this bag- I don't have to worry if it is raining or I set it down in something less than desirable. Plus, the straps are super thick and make the bag comfy to carry. And take a look at this:

Yep, that's right! The little canvas bag on the front clips off to become its own clutch! Have you heard a better reason to justify shelling out money on a handbag than being able to say you got two bags for the price of one? I don't think so. Plus, since I'm using the whole thing as a work bag/purse, it is really nice to be able to snap off the front part if I need to run into a store or something like that on my way home. Not to mention the pattern on both parts is beautiful and fun!

Let's take a peek inside:

Yep, I'm carrying a bunch of junk again, but honestly it still isn't that bad! Plus, I usually don't have magazines with me at all times- the extra space is usually used for work documents or a sweater since we are starting the Chicago deep freeze!

Here's a breakdown...

Top Row (from left):
- Usually some sort of magazine, right now Brides Chicago and Chicago Style: Weddings
- My Bobble water bottle, which someday soon will get it's own post
- Coach change purse, used for cash & coins
- Gum!

Bottom Row (from left):
- Malden!
- Kindle (2nd generation) w/ leather cover
- Glasses case... I need them for reading and computer work
- Crocheted pen case
- Car and house keys, which are normally clipped to the front of the bag so I can find them easily!

The yellow clutch contains a small purple pocket mirror, my business card case, sunglasses, chapstick, and a spare hair tie.

Finally, in keeping with What's In My Bag tradition, here's another picture of Frankie! We are trying to avoid turning on the heat, but since he just got a haircut, he needed a sweater to keep warm!

What couldn't you live without in your fall/winter bag?

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