Family, a windy vacation, and a new bag!

Well, I'm back. I'd love to say that I could make you all jealous with my wonderful tan from sunny Florida, but I can't. While we had one or two decent days, the rest were cloudy and WINDY! And I'm not talking a bit breezy, I'm talking wind that made even hurricane-enduring native Floridians marvel at. And of course, we came home to find out we'd missed the best weather we've had all season. Go us.

I'm done complaining. Because even though the weather didn't cooperate, we had a great time. The day after we got there, Brian's grandparents took us to the Marine Science Center, where we were able to pet stingrays and see the sea turtle ICU. 

We also climbed 203 stairs of the country's third highest lighthouse...

A few days later, we headed to the resort. Fortunately, it was one of the nice days, and the place was amazing!

So beautiful- there is just something so majestic about the ocean.

And also a few things that are quite great about what comes out of the ocean! This was my first official crab boil, and hopefully not my last!

But back to the weather... this is where Brian's cousin's wedding was supposed to take place. Fortunately they moved us inside since the beautiful tent was destroyed in the storms :(

And I couldn't resist throwing in one of Brian and I at dinner during our first night at the resort. I think I ate my weight in food this past week, but it was completely worth it to enjoy time with friends and family!

Last (but definitely not least) I couldn't help but do some shopping. And since I wanted a new fall winter handbag anyway... I bought this beauty!

It is a Fossil tote that I just couldn't resist. I justified the purchase because not only is it no longer available on Fossil's site, but that little yellow clutch on the front clips off to become it's own separate purse! So I got two bags for the price of one. Ok, it doesn't quite justify the money spent, but it is beautiful. A updated "what's in my bag" is coming soon!

So, lovely readers, do you all have an upcoming vacation, or a trip that brings back special memories?

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