What's in my bag- FINALLY!

I am ashamed. I have loved reading "what's in my bag" posts for years. So, one would think I might have returned the favor by now and let everyone see what's in my (albeit boring) handbag. But no, I've neglected the post, even though it has been written in my Malden for months. It ends today!

Welcome to my Target handbag. Lol, maybe this is why I have taken forever! With all of the beautiful Coach, Fiorelli, and Vera Bradley posts out in the blogosphere, could my little Target bag really compare? Honestly, despite its $12 clearance price tag, this bag has been serving me well. I originally bought it exclusively for NYC, since I wanted a cross-body bag for all of the walking we'd be doing. But once we got back, I realized I didn't want to switch over to anything else! So I've remained in this paisley beauty:

My favorite part is how full I can stuff this thing! Hmmmm, sound familiar? The Malden is also getting fatter by the day!

Here's what is inside:

Back row from left:

- crochet pen bag
- current book (Inside of a Dog)
- Malden!
- everything bag: contains Excedrin, chapstick, lipgloss, mirror, bandages, hair ties, odds and ends
- booklight (only if I know I'll be using it). This thing is actually amazing, and will get its own review soon!

Front row from left:

- Blackberry (although I am itching for something new)
- business card holder
- Coach coin purse (from the outlet store of course!)
- Cute owl Paperchase sticky notes and boring purple ones- I tend to flag book passages all the time!
- Glasses case, since I only need them when reading or on the computer
- Altoids, cinnamon only!
- Keys: house, parents house, bike lock, and beloved Subaru (again, this will have its own post- the Subaru, not the keys!)
- point and shoot camera with case- I never leave home without some sort of camera on me!

And finally, Frankie! He wouldn't leave me alone while trying to take these pictures, so I figured he just wanted you all to see him today :)

And that's it! Happy Saturday!

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