A New York minute

It might surprise you, but our trip to NYC was not all Filofax frenzies and misbehaving Maldens. Shocking, I know. But outside of the Filo world, B and I had an incredible trip, even though it seemed like it was over in an instant.

Even though I am the word person in our relationship, I came back with a camera full of photos, and thought I'd share some of my favorites with you all. Enjoy!

We wandered into Times Square on our very first night. I've seen it in movies and on TV, but it was completely surreal. Plus, B even cooperated and let us take cheesy couple photos- trust me, this is rare!

Although we didn't go to the island, we did take the ferry past the Statue of Liberty. We wanted to go inside the crown, but quickly found out there was a wait until September! Honestly, we were both surprised by how small she was. Don't get me wrong, it's a huge statue, but she just seems so much bigger in the stories!

We did go to Ellis Island- we were told my so many people that we couldn't miss it. They were right, it was a powerful experience. I don't know too much of my family history, but even I had the chills listening to the stories of the incredibly determined people who came to America with little more than they could carry.

Fortunately, B knows more of his family's history and we were able to locate both his great and great-great grandfathers on the wall! They were Domenick and Dominick Vecchione, can you guess where they were from?

There were 12 Glovers on the wall... I have no idea if I am related to any of them. I do want to start doing a bit of digging though; I'd like to know more about my history!

Our hotel room was itty bitty! The king size bed was barely accessible on one side- B had to climb in from the foot of the bed! We did have a little desk and closet/cupboard, and a pretty big TV. Plus, the bathroom was almost the size of the room itself!

Of course you can't go to New York without eating the food! While we were disappointed by the pizza (twice) we were both in love with this sandwich! Pastrami and Corned Beef with provolone and mustard- YUM! B was also obsessed with the street vendor chicken gyros; he had one almost every day :)

And we couldn't leave Times Square before visiting the M&M store! I've never seen so many colors in one place- I could have been there all day! Fortunately, the $12.99 per pound price tag kept us at bay and we only picked a few colors.

So, that's NYC in a nutshell! We did so much more, but I'm afraid I'd overload Blogger if I tried to post all of the pictures! It really was a trip to remember, and even though neither of us were ever super eager to go to New York, now we can't wait to go back :)

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