So What Did I Decide?: A Franklin Covey Haul

A few months ago, I asked for your help to decide which inserts I should use for 2013. Then, a few days ago, I shared this sneaky little photo of what was waiting outside my door:

And then I got busy with work and forgot to tell you what was inside! I'm sure you've already figured out that it was my 2013 inserts. But I also got a few other little goodies... I couldn't help myself!

But without further ado, here is what I'll be using for 2013:

Sorry for the cruddy photos - I have been completely swamped with events this week and didn't have time to edit. But I don't want to keep putting it off, so let's see if this photo makes my decision a bit more clear.

Yep, I went with the 2 PPD! I think I had the decision made even before 30 of you agreed. More than anything, it really came down to the time slots going from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., with the additional blank spots above and below. Having my 2012 inserts only go to 8 p.m. has been very restricting, not to mention I've had to enter my morning train time in before the blue bar... things had to change.

As someone who likes to have a full page by the end of the day, I'm admittedly a bit nervous about the entire notes page that each day features. I mean, look at all that space. But since there isn't much room for my gratitude list on the left page, I think I'll make good use of the notes page for gratitude lists and other notes. Plus, it will allow me to add post its and coupons without blocking my schedule- something that has been a challenge this year. I'm also planning on taking advantage of the space to add extra details to any appointments or to dos on the left page. I'll just have to see how it evolves in January!

In addition to the glorious full page appointment schedule...

 The insert set came with the amazing TABBED monthly pages that I now realize I can't live without.

I kind of wish they weren't lined, but I'm not going to argue with near perfection. At the beginning of 2012 I really had to force myself to use the monthlies, but now they have become a necessity for forward planning and a general overview. And since I won't be able to keep as many months of dailies once I switch to 2 PPD, the monthlies will become even more of a necessity.

But what else did I get? Nothing too exciting, to be honest. But I did get a new FC pouch pagefinder:

These things are awesome! I've used it for all of 2012 to mark my daily pages- it is super quick to find my page and the pouch is awesome for quick notes, receipts, etc.

My other purchase was to simplify my 2012 archiving. Last year, I ended up with this:

It worked, but the pages aren't very protected and I definitely can't pull any old sections out if I were to want to use them again. Enter the Franklin Covey storage binder.

It's a pretty simple covered cardboard design that says it will store a full year of 2 PPD. Which should be no problem since I have been using 1 PPD all year. I might even be able to store future 2013 pages until they are ready to be used.

For just under eight bucks, it was a pretty obvious choice. Plus, it even came with cool little stickers to mark the year. Hopefully at some point, I'll have all my archived years all lined up. Now I'm thinking I might have to get another one for my yarn-archived 2011 pages!

There's the long-winded, over photographed decision on my 2013 pages. I'll be back soon with my "so far" 2013 set up, which will definitely include a few additions and removals- maybe someday I'll reach the perfect system.

Who am I kidding- rearranging is half the fun!

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