Spoiled: A second Filofax meetup in less than a month

Where did the weekend go? How is it Monday already? How many more days until Friday?

Anyway, I meant to get to this post yesterday, but since the meetup only took place on Saturday I figure I'm not too far behind. Yep, I'm here with my recap of Saturday's Midwest Filofax Meetup!

This time around, I met Sandra, Jaci (aka LimeTreeFruits) and Jill for some Filofax shennanigans in Oak Park, IL. We had a blast- I'll let the pictures do the talking for the rest of the post. Be warned, there are plenty of them!

 We started the afternoon at Mancini's, where I learned their eggplant Parmesan is amazing!

I also learned that my Malden is in desperate need of a diet- he's on the right. That's Jill's normal-thickness Malden (also a personal crimson) on the left. Oops. When Jaci first saw mine, she exclaimed "Does it close?" Despite being so stuffed, I'm happy to report that he does!


Jill had these amazing custom stickers from Moo.com - these definitely are going on my wish list!

The obligatory Filo-pile. We actually had to move my Malden closer to the top to weigh down the rest of the pile! Then again, only one was mine, so who has the real problem??? Kidding, of course!

And the obligatory human photo! Left to right is Jill, Sandra, me, and Jaci!

To those of you in the UK who complain about small Filofax shops- take a look at this! And this is considered a good supply for a shop around Chicago!

They even had a personal Holborn, which I have to admit was more tempting than I thought it would be. But, I resisted, as I'm still in love with Mr. Malden!

I also resisted a completely adorable bright orange mini... but just barely.

This Dakota was hands down the weirdest binder I've ever seen. This was the credit card pocket, and the binder itself was literally rock hard. Sorry if there are any Dakota-lovers out there, but I couldn't wait to put this one back on the shelf!

There were also quite a few interesting/older inserts I've never seen, including these travel information sheets with space for hotel and flight information as well as emergency contacts and notes.

There was also this wipe-off insert for most used telephone numbers. A wipe-off notes section was on the back.

These were also interesting- it was an insert with small memo cards printed three per page. It's hard to tell, but they are perforated so they can be removed. They were from 1983!

The most interesting insert hands down was the menstrual calendar, circa 1994. I can't imagine that insert would stay in the binder during a meetup!

Despite a few temptations, I only walked away with two purchases: a new ruled notepad and a pack of two transparent flyleaves with tabs. Boring, but much needed!

We also stopped into Paper Source- I can't believe I was the only one of our group who had been in before! I didn't splurge too much, just bought one new stamp and a few packs of cards for my soon-to-be Etsy shop (more on that later this week, hopefully!)

As always, it was a super fun meetup. Hopefully we didn't scare the waitstaff at Mancini's too badly. We definitely got some strange looks, but oh well! 

I can't wait for the next meetup, but for the time being, happy Filofaxing!

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