Filofax and Phone: The Honeymoon Recording Dream Team

Leave it to me to have a honeymoon post that also relates to my Filofax. While my Malden didn't see too much honeymoon action (get your mind out of the gutter!) it was an essential tool for planning and recording the trip.

See, I use my Filo not only as a forward planner, but also to track my days, almost like a truncated journal of sorts. So I knew that, besides needing it with me for the travel information I had detailed, I would also need it to track what we did each day.

Unfortunately, once it had been used at the airports to navigate to our flights, the Malden's use pretty much ended. A smart idea, since our adventurous rainforest honeymoon didn't necessarily match well with a paper planner. I couldn't imagine riding bikes over bumpy streets and risking it flying out of the bike basket into a puddle or having an unexpected storm ruin its pages. So, unfortunately for Malden, it spent most of its time resting in the lock box in our room. 

This is when I realized I could combine paper and technology to get the job done. 

Because Brian had a completely water proof case on his phone the entire trip, we always had at least one smart phone on us at all times. Even though we didn't get cell service, I was able to use Evernote, a free note-taking app I found. (and no, I am not getting paid to mention their name, I simply found the app and found it perfect for my needs).

So, instead of risking the Filofax, I just put in a daily note on Evernote, to be transcribed later. I would start the note each morning, then pull out the phone and make additions throughout the day. 

It even helped me recap for my blog posts- I was able to match my "journaling" to our photos to remember things like relaxing the afternoon away in the comfy chairs of the same restaurant that served our favorite daiquiris. 

Ironically, it wasn't until after we had been back in Chicago for a few days that I finally got around to transcribing the trip into the Filo for a more permanent record. I had every intention of doing it on the trip, but was so focused on having a good time that I never entered a single detail. Other than the flights and hotels, the poor Malden didn't really even see the light of day. 

Once we were home and unpacked, I started the process of transcribing my digital notes onto my daily pages. Since we didn't really have any appointments during our trip other than flights, I used the pages more as a blank journal, ignoring the lines. I know this would drive some people crazy, but it works for me.

I typically managed to get everything on one page but on days I needed more room, I just added a blank lined page and continued there.

All in all, this worked as a pretty good system for me. I knew that the Filo remained safe, while still being able to document the trip as it happened, instead of trying to recall details later. Plus, since Evernote backs up the data to your online account, I knew my notes were safe since they were backed up every time I connected to wireless. Who knew- technology and paper can play nice!

Even now that we are back into our regular routines, I've found a way to use my Filo to keep Costa Rica fresh in my mind. Although I was a bit sad to finally pull my September daily pages out earlier this month, I still have COSTA RICA HONEYMOON written all the way across the 9 days of my monthly page. For even more sentimental value, I tucked a 1 mil colones bill into a little pocket where I keep little meaningful odds and ends near the front of my binder.

Even though it isn't quite the same as digging my toes into the sand of the beaches in Puerto Viejo, I smile every time I open my Filo and see the little memento of the amazing time we had in Costa Rica :)

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