(slightly late) Engagement Photos

Yes, we've been engaged for almost a year. Time has just slipped away and we never found time to get our engagement photos done. But since the only other formal photos of us are from our high school homecoming, we really wanted some professional photos to have out at the wedding and for our new home. Fortunately our awesome photographer, Ben Chernivsky, was totally up for an almost one year later engagement shoot. If you get a chance, definitely check out his work at love.chernivsky.com - he is pretty amazing!

I tried to narrow it down to less than 33 photos, I really did. But I couldn't since I love them all. You have to give me a bit of credit- we received almost 200 pictures to choose from. To save your fingers from some pretty excessive scrolling action, I combined them all in a slideshow. The added bonus is you'll even get to hear what song we picked for our first dance :) That's also a warning- turn down your speakers before hitting play if you're at work!

Ben was kind enough to drive out to Shabbona Lake State Park with us- the same spot where Brian proposed and where I've been camping since I was a little kid. It was a pretty awesome day in one of my most favorite places with my most favorite person. I hope you like them!

Oh, and that awesome tree we're in front of (and in!) in some of the photos is right where Brian proposed :)

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