A perfect game

Ok, so Sunday's Chicago White Sox game wasn't a perfect game in a technical sense. But as my first game of the 2012 season, I'd say it was pretty perfect. Especially since it ended like this:

Honestly, and maybe a little sadly, I don't quite remember catching picking this ball up from the stands. That could be because our day started a bit like this:

Maybe I should just start at the beginning. Brian was able to score some awesome Sox tickets through a friend at work. For $50, we got seats and tickets into an unlimited food/beer buffet that started about an hour and a half before the game and ended halfway through the first inning. So Brian, his sister Julie, his cousin Mike, his cousin's boyfriend Kyle, and I all headed downtown prepared for a pretty good afternoon. The unlimited beer part should give you a pretty good idea of why I may not entirely remember getting a ball...

I do remember, and will always remember, this moment though. While we were eating, one of the guys noticed that a bartender had on a 2005 World Series ring. The thing was massive. Then they dared me to see if the bartender would let me take a picture of it. Not one to back down from a dare, I walked over and asked if I could. Thinking he was just going to hold out his hand, I was totally shocked when he took the ring off and dropped it in my palm. That thing was HEAVY! Still in shock, I started to take the picture when he said, "You should hold it up by your face, so people at least know it is you!" Duh. Of course, that resulted in this cheesiness...

Cheesy or not, I'm still pretty stoked that I got to wear a championship ring from one of my favorite teams in sports. Until, that is, Brian kept trying to make me trade it for my engagement ring. Pretty sure that wouldn't have worked anyway!

After the unlimited food and beer ended, we made our way around the park to our seats. We definitely took more photos of each other than we did of the game. Looking back at them later that night made me wonder how people were looking at us when photos like this were taken:

Yep, that would be Brian taking a bite out of the side of my face. Very mature. Suddenly, not remembering getting the ball is starting to make a lot more sense.

By the way, the Sox won 4-1.

Brian and I are headed to another game tomorrow night, this one against the Indians. I am sure there will be a lot less beer and face-biting, and a lot more paying attention to the game! But hey, life is more fun when you live a little, right? Especially when it results in wearing a championship ring and taking home your first ball-game ball- go Sox!

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