The Holidays are Here!

I hate to say it, but Brian can be a bit of a holiday scrooge. I love him dearly, but he just isn't the type to get all into the season with decorating and holiday cheer. So every year, I drag him into it. Between this and our crazy schedules, for the last two years in a row, our Christmas tree has come from the Home Depot parking lot a mere week or so before Christmas Eve. This year, we got our butts in gear and turned it around.

Shockingly, Brian was actually the one to come up with the idea of going to cut our own tree. I had never cut my own tree before, even when I was a kid and we had a real tree every single year. So of course I readily agreed. We headed out to Marmion's Abbey Farms to pick our perfect tree. It was a bit odd to be cutting down a tree and hearing everyone saying "Merry Christmas" on a 65 degree day. But it was perfect nonetheless.

If you follow me on Instagram (@thecrazylifeofj) you've probably already seen these. But since I documented pretty much every step along the way, I'll let the photos do the talking.

I think the one of Bri carrying the tree is my favorite. Then again, he does look quite handsome all decorated in the photo above (the tree, not Brian). We actually ended up using some of the leftover lights from the wedding since we didn't have enough from our previous trees- I guess this year's tree is bigger than we thought!

Are you all ready for the holidays? We just got started last night- with some of the decorating done, we can move on to Christmas cards and shopping- I haven't bought a single gift so far. We are so behind!

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