Month in Review: November 2013

Would someone please tell me how we are three days into December already? It's completely blowing my mind. November seemed to simply fly by and although we were as busy as ever, it did seem that I was a bit negligent on the blog. Regardless, I did get a few posts up to share in this review.

My Photo Friday posts took center stage this month - I just couldn't resist sharing our beautiful fall weather, a current crochet project, and of course the crazy antics of Frankie the Bug!

I also was able to sneak in my October review and gratitude lists, which included a new planner switch and being grateful for bourbon :)

Grocery planning improved in November, and I shared my new Organized Mum Shopping List plus how I use it to make stocking up a bit less painful (I am not affiliated with Organized Mum, I'm simply a happy customer!)

Although crochet seems to be my craft of choice when the weather turns chilly, I did take a few minutes to create a fun little art project/memento using the keys I've saved from the homes Brian and I have shared. I'm happy to report that all the glue is still holding strong - I love looking at it every time I turn the corner into our hallway!

I finally realized by the end of the month that I had been a bit neglectful here on the blog. The obvious solution was a quick Life Update post where I shared my anxiety over waiting to hear back on a job I've applied for, how my Filofax is still keeping me sane, and a quick glimpse of the bed Brian and I finally finished building.

November wrapped up with a trip home to visit family for the holidays. As much as we love it down here, it is quite nice to visit our family and friends for a few jam packed days of visits, dinners, and shopping. It has been a wild month over here - December certainly isn't showing any signs of slowing down! Between finals for Brian and another trip home for Christmas, this month should prove as crazy as ever!