What’s in My Bag {Winter 2014}

I’ve been meaning to share an updated What’s in My Bag post for awhile now. Out of curiosity, I decided to look back and see when I last published one - it was in the fall of 2011. Ooops! 

Though not all that much has changed since that reveal and my first bag post, I figured I’d share an updated version. 

I’m currently using a little cross body satchel that I picked up at a shop called Francesca’s sometime last fall. I’m almost halfway to saving for the bag I really want - a leather tote from Fossil. But in the meantime, this little bag has been treating me pretty well. 

The only downside is that since it is an almond color, it’s quite susceptible to color transfer (it doesn’t help that my main winter coat is black). Fortunately, only the back of the bag and underside of the strap are affected, so I do my best to ignore it! 

Especially when I remember how much room this little bag has, not to mention COMPARTMENTS galore! I do love me some separate sections in my handbags - it makes it so much easier to sort the mess. For example, would you guess that I’ve got all this crammed inside?

I told you - I can cram SO much in here without the bag looking huge or overstuffed. Coincidentally, my friends have started calling me Mary Poppins…

Here’s the rundown of the every day carry:
  1. Rayban sunglasses
  2. car keys (go Subaru!)
  3. mini tripod (for my phone)
  4. headphones and adaptor
  5. iPhone 5 in LifeProof case
  6. Filofax aka The External Brain
  7. collapsable shopping bag
  8. portable phone charger
  9. Altoids (always cinnamon)
  10. Um, lady products…
  11. hand sanitizer wipes
  12. Chapsticks and lip gloss (no idea why I need three at a time…)
  13. Excedrin
  14. tissue pack
  15. portable lint remover sheets
  16. stain stick
  17. extra pen and high liter
  18. lotion
  19. hair ties and clip
  20. mini sticky note pack

And that doesn’t even count what I carry inside the Filofax, which would add scissors, paper clips, tape, bandages and stickers. 

I know it might seem like overkill to carry that much stuff, but I have honestly used each and every thing I carry with me on a daily basis. The only thing I hate having to carry separately is my Nalgene, but I think my next bag will be big enough to handle that too!

Oh, and keeping with What’s in My Bag tradition, Frankie just had to jump in for another photobomb!

What’s in your bag? What’s the one item in your bag you can’t live without?