Month in Review: September 2013

Wow. I didn't really realize how much I had blogged in September until I opened all of the posts as separate tabs... I've never seen so many tabs across the top of my screen. Which only confirms what I already knew - September was another crazy month. Let's look back, shall we?

Guest posting was the name of the game this month - I guest posted on several blogs and in turn had several lovely bloggers guest post on The Crazy Life of J as part of the Philofaxy All Stars Tour. I featured Katie's wildlife photography, Kanalt's wedding music selections, and Helen's amazing backyard animal photos. In the meantime, I was over on Kanalt's blog sharing my usual wedding music choices and over on Helen's blog discussing a very special book collection I have.

September was also our one year anniversary, meaning that we had some serious celebrating to do! We celebrated with a day trip to Nashville!

I also vented a bit in September about dealing with the many changes in our life - mainly the frustrations that come with being a waitress who is married to a college student. Not exactly where I pictured our life would be right now, but we're doing what we have to!

On a positive note, there was quite a bit of beauty down here in Kentucky that I did my best to capture in most of September's Photo Fridays...

Looks like blue skies were my theme for the month.

I also dipped back into Filofax posting in August, first with a post on how I use my personal Malden as a wallet and planner in one, and then about a sneaky mid-year switch on inserts. Speaking of which, the inserts have arrived - stay tuned for a post on those :)

September even got so busy that while I remembered to write up the August in Review post, I completely forgot to publish it. Instead of the beginning of the month, it was posted on the last day of September. Whoops.

Fortunately, Frankie (who celebrated his birthday Sept. 30) didn't seem to mind. Must be nice to sleep the world away...

How was your September? Crazy busy, pretty chill? Speaking of chill, I'm ready for some fall weather down here - this rain needs to go away!

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