A Very Happy Anniversary

I'm still having a bit of trouble believing that an entire year has already gone by since Brian and I said "I do." But we did spend all day yesterday celebrating! We spent the day in Nashville, most of the morning was at the Tennessee State Fair. It's ironic - we'd always talked about going to the Illinois State Fair, but in about a decade of opportunities, we never made it. I guess it took a out of state move to get us to attend a state fair, and even that was in the next state over!

After the fair, we spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around downtown Nashville. Any trip to Nashville has to include a stop at Mike's Ice Cream - I was beyond excited that they still had my favorite flavor, cake batter, five years later! We ended the evening at a Brazilian steakhouse - something we've always wanted to try. The food and service was amazing. And we coined a new term - we certainly left "meat drunk."

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day:

Our wedding cake - still yummy a year later!

Brian's parents fulfilled the traditional one year gift: all sorts of paper.

At the State Fair. Foster the Goat is thataway!

I wanted one of these the second we walked in. I also have no shame that I had to beat a seven year old to win it!

Mike's cake batter ice cream in a home made waffle cone. Can it get any better?

Added our names to the table at a Nashville bar. We'll see if it's still there next time!

Blurry photo in a dark restaurant, but dinner was amazing! I've never felt like such a carnivore, lol