Over the weekend, I added a new section to my beloved planner...

Yep, after almost two years here in Kentucky, we're packing up our bags and heading to Iowa. I mentioned it briefly in this post a few weeks ago, but we were actually driving to Chicago for the weekend last month when he received the message. I just came out of a bathroom at Burger King and he says "So, what do you think of Iowa?"

"I don't," I responded. Honesty counts for something, right?

Turns out, one of the staffers at a paper up there had reached out about a few openings they had coming up. Three weeks, two Skype interviews, three phone interviews, one offer and one counter-offer later, and the Hawkeye State will be home in a few short weeks.

Literally, in just a few weeks. Brian's official start date is May 26 and he doesn't graduate until May 16 which means we'll have about 10 days to pack, move, find a place to live and unpack. That's the terrifying part.

It's also a new adventure, which is exciting. I have a few applications out, but as of yet I have no idea what I'll be doing, career wise. Let's just hope that I don't have to fill out another 27 applications before finding something like I did down here!

We're also going to be leaving a great community and group of friends, which is very sad. We keep saying that it'll just be an excuse to travel more. Plus, the fact that Brian will be doing what he loves makes us both very, very happy.

So many emotions. I think that happy/sad/excited/terrified pretty much sums it up. And lists, lots and lots of lists. Looks like I'll have to dig out those packing and moving posts after all...

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