Catching My Breath & Catching Up

Hi there. I didn't forget about you - I promise. As with most good things in life, blogging just falls by the wayside when life gets busy.

Maybe it's the charming sun-is-shining-through-every-window-in-our-house relaxed feel or just because I haven't written in so long, but I felt it was about time I check in.

I'm still working three jobs - two "paid" and one volunteer, grant writing gig. All of which keeps me running around. Bri is in his last semester of school and definitely bit off more than he could chew with his course load. Between classes, freelance work, and his part time job, I'm surprised he is still standing. Add two trips home to Chicago this month alone, and it's no wonder our friends constantly ask if we are ok.

And, much like just before we decided to move to Kentucky a year and a half ago, life is in major limbo. For a long time we thought we would stay here, seeing as we love the area so very much. However, there aren't many opportunities for Bri outside of freelance, and while I'm piecing it together with part time jobs right now, I have yet to find many opportunities either. After a bit of hunting, Bri found an amazing potential position, but of course it is over five and a half hours southeast. Which isn't a bad thing, since we love this region. So he applied, and now we are waiting.

Of course, when change happens it seems to all come at you at once. The day after he put in the application, a paper nearly 10 hours northwest of us reached out to him regarding an opening they have. Insanity. While we didn't really see ourselves moving that far north again, it would be an opportunity for him to get back into the newsroom and shoot daily, which is what he really loves. Plus, they reached out to him first, which is a good start. Fortunately, with my education and experience, I can find work just about anywhere.

It will definitely be hard to leave where we are if one of these (or some other) opportunity works out. We absolutely love the state of Kentucky, love our little postage stamp home, and have made amazing friends and community here. But we also can't deny that this is the only place outside of Chicago we have lived, so what's to say we can't fall in love with somewhere else just as much? Plus, we are both adventurers - I don't think we are fully ready to give up our nomadic ways quite yet.

So who knows! It is exciting/terrifying/thrilling/exhausting to truly not know where we will call home two months from now.

I'll try to get on here a little more between now and then - heck, I might need to dig up my packing and moving tips posts!

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