Bring on the Bluegrass and Bourbon

Well, lovely blog readers, I know I mentioned the possibility here and here, but now it's official. Brian and I are packing up our things and moving to Kentucky!

Although moving back there for Brian to finish his degree has always been at the back of our minds, the final push came when the paper he worked for, The Chicago Sun Times, laid off all 28 of their staff photographers in what is perhaps the dumbest newspaper move in history. Seriously, all of their professional photographers, including a Pulitzer Prize winner, were replaced with reporters wielding iPhones.

I digress.

While it would be logical to just have Brian apply for new jobs, we had one hitch: he was still getting his undergrad degree when the job opportunity back home in Chicago became available three years ago. With no guarantee of a job after graduation, he left his program (sans a degree) and took the job. While he's been meaning to go back to school, life (i.e. a wedding, two moves, multiple jobs, etc) has gotten in the way. But after losing one potential job due to lack of a degree, our decision seemed clear - he needed to get that damn slip of paper. But first he had to reapply to the university he was attending since he hadn't been a student in three years. Thankfully, he was readmitted with no problems!

We are back to the insanity. Not that I think we've ever truly left it, as crazy seems to follow us around. It still hasn't fully sunk in yet. Which needs to happen soon, considering we're planning on moving late July/early August. The hard part is that so much is still in limbo - I've applied for a few jobs I'm waiting to hear back on, and we have no place to live once we get there. Fortunately I have tomorrow off due to an early morning dentist appointment, after which we'll be packing our bags and heading down to find our hopeful future home. Let's hope this one lasts for over a year - I'd love to end this whole moving-once-a-year-for-the-past-five-years thing I've got going on!

So, stay tuned! Pretty soon the blog will once again be filled with photos of moving boxes, a new home, a new life really! I'm excited/nervous/sad/happy/thrilled/anxious all rolled into one! Perhaps partially because I've never lived more that 45 minutes outside of Chicago.

But hey, what's life without a little adventure?

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