What a Week

Have you ever had one of those weeks that is so full of emotions, both bad and good, that you are completely exhausted and overwhelmed by the time the week is over?

That was me this week.

We’ll skip Monday since it wasn’t very exciting. Tuesday, on the other hand, brought more than I could have imagined. 

I quit my job on Tuesday. 

Remember the job I wrote about here? I finally reached my breaking point. I have been applying for positions since about time of that post to no avail, so I did one of the smartest and most insane things I have ever done: I took a leap of faith.

I put in my notice with the intent of focusing on our business and event planning - basically following my dream. Hopefully. I made a list of contacts I can reach out to and even double checked with the restaurant to make sure I could pick up a few shifts to make sure bills get paid. 

Then Wednesday happened. 

On Wednesday, I got a text from a friend. “I heard you put in your two weeks,” she said. She then went on to say that she knew her church was looking for someone to do part time admin, and the building the church is moving to was looking for someone to focus on events. Give or take two hours later and I had a meeting set up with the pastor to discuss opportunities. 

Grace is quite an amazing thing.

Fast forward to Friday and I was meeting with the pastor, discussing how I can be a part of this amazing collaborative project in an incredible historic building. I still don’t know where it will lead, but there seems to be more possibility here than I could have imagined finding so quickly. 

Timing is everything, isn’t it?

The rest of the weekend has been a bit more chill, mainly spending time with family and friends, getting in a run, and catching up on a bunch of neglected tasks around the house. I also managed to get two big tasks off my list: I FINALLY finished Brian’s two year anniversary gift (only two months and a day late):

I also got our garden put to bed for winter, including harvesting a crap-ton of kale. Seriously. I have three 3-gallon bags of kale. The minor frost we had a week or so ago pretty much took out the rest of the garden but the kale was still going strong. I even left the stalks in the ground just in case this crazy stuff tries to make another comeback!

So that was my week. Full of emotions, hope, and a bit of “what did I do?” Here’s to hoping that I’ve made the right decision. I know that it feels right. I just hope that we can make it work. But as Brian said, it’s been a while since our last big adventure…

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