Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Some days you just can’t win. Today felt like one of those days. 

My problem today was pretty much all work. Which seems to be the case a lot of days lately. Which seems quite familiar. Which is because I’ve been here before, with my last job. 

Told you, I can’t win.

A part of me feels whiny, like I just can’t be happy with “good enough.” Then again, a part of me wonders if that means something is missing. Something big.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like my job. But I don’t like all of it, and I don’t know if I love it. I’m not naive; I know I won’t always like my job, but I feel as if I should like it more often than not. That’s where I’m struggling. 

I love the work I do and working with my students, but I hate being micromanaged.

I love being challenged to push myself, but I hate unrealistic expectations being put upon me.

I feel like I should be happy, after all, I’m not waitressing anymore and I have a decent job, decent hours, and benefits. But I also don’t want to settle on decent. I want amazing. I want more. 

Who really knows where I’ll end up. For now, I’m keeping an open mind - if I’ve learned anything in the past year it’s that we usually land right where we need to be. In the meantime, I’m going to do my best to keep my head up and my eyes open for the next adventure.