Month in Review: December 2013

Happy 2014, lovely readers! I can't believe another year is already here, promising to be full of amazing and crazy things!

I'll be back later today with my typical year in review post, but I wanted to make sure my December-in-review didn't get left out. Overall it was a quiet month on the blog, no doubt due to the holidays which included a week long trip home. I still managed to sneak in a few posts though!

I started the month with a review of November. While beautiful weather took center stage in November, moving to a few hundred miles south has meant a quite a few warm and sunny days in December as well - including a day where I was able to wear flip flops! That's something that would never happen in Chicago!

The rest of my Photo Friday posts were all about things I love: being with family and those little moments that make life worth living.

Of course my Filofax had to make an appearance in December. After a reader requested a bit more detail on how I use A - Z tabs as a "filing cabinet" in my Malden, I wrote up a post and included a video.

I also shared a bit about feeling like the Grinch when I discovered several shops are pricing products differently in store versus on their own websites. I'm still baffled by this!

December here on The Crazy Life of J ended with an extremely short "film" of 2013 as told by my Instagram feed. It was quite fun to look back on photos - some of them seemed like they took place way more than one year ago!

That's it for December! A bit quiet on the blog, yet quite crazy in person! I'll be back soon with the full year wrap up - now that's where the crazy really shines through :)