Month in Review: August 2013

Eeek! I just realized that I never hit publish on this post! Oops. Here's the August month in review - September will be up later this week!

How is it September already? And speaking of September, how am I already about to celebrate my one year wedding anniversary?! Yikes.

Regardless, I'm a few days late on getting the August review up, but here goes...

The first week of August was a whirlwind as we packed up our life in Illinois and headed down to our new home in Kentucky. Most of the rest of the month has been spent trying to settle in to a new place.

The move had my brain so fried that I actually posted a review of the Quo Vadis Robert le heros notebook twice - whoops. You can read both reviews here and here.

Mid way through the month, I shared a bit about how the first 10 days at the new house went, along with sharing how odd it felt to have a Kentucky license but how much we are loving the new space!

Frankie got his own post in August, where I revealed the story on how the darn little dog melted my heart. He's once again asleep at my feet as I type this. Some things will never change (nor should they).

Moving tips were scattered throughout the month, mainly because we were learning a lot on the fly! Tips included things like "caulk can be a cheap fix to refresh a bathroom" and "ALWAYS have a roll of toilet paper easily accessible on moving day" made the list!

I also shared a little DIY project I did to make my clothes-line-loving life easier - a quick little clothes pin bag!

Only one recipe made it to the blog in August, but with 50 cloves of garlic in the ingredient list, I'd say it was worth it. I can't wait to make this 50 clove garlic chicken again!

There's a glance at August in an incredibly tiny nutshell!