10 Days In

Even though I triple counted on my fingers before typing the title of this post, I still can't believe we've been here 10 days. It feels like we just pulled up in the moving truck, realizing the enormity of the decision to move down here. Maybe once our days are filled with jobs and school instead of painting, cleaning, building, and planning I'll feel like life is getting back to normal. Not that I'm complaining - if someone wants to pay me to paint all day I'll gladly come on over with my brush and roller!

Unfortunately, I do need to find full time work, which will be my main priority starting next week since the majority of the unpacking and settling in has been accomplished. I just hate that it appears I'll have to choose between a job I would love and a job that pays decent money and provides insurance. Such is life.

But the house is keeping me sane. I'm completely smitten - I really don't think I could pick my most favorite spot. There's the front porch where we've been eating our breakfasts, the tiny living room which is becoming cozier than I could have imagined, the office (where I am writing this post) which provides a view of our neighbor's cobble stone house that makes me feel as if I'm in an English village, the sun room that floods with light every afternoon, or our back deck that overlooks our magnificent backyard. How can one possibly choose? Which reminds me... as soon as we are a bit more settled I really need to get on that house tour video for you all. *Scribbles reminder in Filofax...

In the meantime, I thought it might be easiest to explain our last week or so here in photographs (looks like the professional photographer husband is rubbing off on me!)

Here goes - get ready for lots of photos! Consider it a photo-journal of our time here so far.

Before we got to the house, this was my view for seven hours on the highway!

Thankfully Frankie is the best car dog ever, and slept through most of it!
We ended up getting our Kentucky licenses right away - it'll take a while to get used to seeing that in my wallet!
Celebratory beers after a long day of cleaning and unpacking.
First "home cooked" meal. More like leftovers, since it was Nana's amazing leftover meat sauce!
Little reminders of home. These were a gift from one of my good friends in Chicago.
Some planning, of course. I knew I wanted to turn my office into a combined office/craft space, which took some doodling to achieve :)
I'm quite happy with the result. My new office space feels so inspiring to me.
Frankie, however, is quite over the move at this point.
Talk about Southern hospitality. Our new neighbors came over with big bags of fresh veggies from their garden a few days after we moved in. Some of the above has already been turned into salsa!
Like I said, the bug is over it. And not too thrilled about Brian's placement of power tools right on his bed. At least he deals...
This backyard still blows my mind.
Even the sky seems more blue.
And I have a clothes line. Nothing is more perfect than falling asleep after a long day on sheets pulled fresh from the line.
Except maybe this. A great dinner, overlooking our new space. Perfection.
Wow. Looking back at all the photos, it's been quite a week. And I still have so much to share, including a few simple moving/setting up house tricks, how to compromise during a move, and the creation of our amazing new bed. All I can say is between Brian's building skills and my love of painting, we are quite a team. We still need to finish the headboard, but hopefully we'll be able to do the big reveal by next weekend!

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