The Waiting Game

First off, I have to pause for a quick moment of celebration - you are reading my 400th post! I never quite thought I'd still be rambling on about planners, houses, food, and random odds and ends, but I'm very happy you've all stuck along for the ride!

As much as I wish this 400th post could be a grand announcement of some sort or another, we are instead playing the waiting game.


While we know we are moving to Kentucky in August, the rest is pretty much still up for grabs. Mainly because we are waiting on major factors that are outside of our control. Which is driving my Filofax-wielding-planning-ninja mind CRAZY. This is quite literally becoming the crazy life of J. There are three main factors we are waiting on: 1. My potential job - I am supposed to hear back this week about a phone interview, we REALLY hope we hear back soon. Because out of everything else, our moving date hinges on when they would need me to start. 2. Brian's school - while we know he was re-accepted, we have to wait to hear back from some of his professors since the next class he needs to take isn't offered this fall. And since he doesn't know if he can skip the class, he can't register at all. 3. Our new place - as thrilled as we are to move into our postage stamp of a house, it would be even better if we had a move in date. While we're grateful to have landlords who are so flexible, the current renters are still not out and they haven't been able to provide a 100% guaranteed move-in date yet. So I'm just spending my time looking at the photo below, dreaming of all the things I want to do with our future place (paint-chipped front door, I'm looking at you!)

And of course those three major items on the waiting list leads to a million other little things: When do we start packing - what if we don't leave for three weeks and I've packed all of our towels? When do we rent the moving truck? Are we going to have to stay with family for a while once we move until our new place is empty?

The biggest uncertainty for me is my current job. I had originally planned with my boss for this Thursday to be my last day since I assumed we'd be moving at the end of July and I wanted time to pack and say goodbyes. Now that it looks like our moving date is being pushed back, I'm trying to balance keeping my original plan and the finality of leaving on the date I said I would with wanting the extra money if I work a few extra days. I've already agreed to work on Friday, with the potential of a few days next week if needed. So even my current life is uncertain. Geez.

I know I shouldn't really be complaining so much - at the end of the day this is an incredibly exciting adventure - I just really wish it could start! This much uncertainty has really got my anxiety flaring. Hopefully my plans this week for packing some items I know we won't need for the next few months will help restore a bit of order in my life!

How do you all deal with situations outside of your control?

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