Photo Friday #16: Home

Well, not quite yet. But come late July/early August, this will be our new home!

It's itty bitty (I've lovingly been referring to it as the postage stamp) but it's absolutely adorable, has hardwood floors throughout, and the rent is almost embarrassingly cheap. We should have moved to Kentucky a long time ago!

I'll probably have to wait until we move to share more photos with you all - the current renters were still there when we toured the place. They gave me permission to take photos and while I think it's fine to share them with family to show them our new digs, I feel a bit awkward posting a bunch of photos with someone else's stuff in them. But as soon as we move there will be photos galore! Maybe even a house tour since the place is so small.

And since we have received a few questions on why we're renting and not buying, here's a bit of that dirt. In all honesty, we'd LOVE to buy. Brian and I are both craving the day when we can paint/demolish/DIY to our heart's content without pissing off a landlord. Unfortunately, thought, since Brian will be in school full time and I don't have a full time job lined up for sure yet, we knew that no bank in their right mind would give us a home loan. So even though we know we could afford it, we also knew that we'd be better off renting at least for a bit until we're more established. Depending on how long we stay down there, we may look to buy in a year or so!

So that's the scoop! I guess this was more words than the typical Photo Friday post... oh well. Now if only we could fast forward to our moving date so I could get some more photos for y'all (I'm practicing my Southern accent :)

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