Month in Review: June 2013

Before you start, I am fully aware that we are halfway through July. I have, however, just become aware that I completely forgot to do my month in review for June. Oops.

For a quick catchup on the goings on of this blog, you can see the rest of the Month in Review posts here. Moving on...

The month started out as an emotional roller coaster as we recovered from Brian losing his job and finding out our big move to Virginia was not going to happen. A few days later, I spent a bit of time enjoying my Filofax and the blank month of August, as we were still finalizing where the rest of the year would take us. I'm already missing a calendar with so few commitments...

Then, just a few weeks later, I announced the big news: Kentucky is a sure thing! We'll be bringing on the bluegrass and bourbon so that Brian can go back to school and I can hopefully start a new career. We even headed to Kentucky the last week of June to look for places to live (though I didn't share the results until July so you shall have to wait!)

Apparently I'm already missing Chicago, if my Photo Friday posts aren't obvious enough. Three of my June photos were of my most favorite city:

Other than a few little random posts here and there, that wraps up the month of June! July has already been pretty crazy (in case the fact that it took me this long to review June wasn't obvious enough). So I'm sure I'll be back in early August with a pretty busy review of this month. Heck, I might even be posting from Kentucky by that point!