Playing Catch Up

Ever have one of those weeks where you feel like your head barely hits the pillow before you are up and starting the next day? Or where you only see your husband for the five minutes before you run out the door in the morning and the five minutes when you're heading to bed at night? Yep, it's been one of those weeks. And it's only half over.

Ironically, I'm feeling pretty motivated and awake today. Which is either because I'm crazy, or it's some sort of defense mechanism my body and mind have created to save my sanity. Because after two 15+ hour workdays in a row, I feel like it should definitely be Friday by now.

In other news, I have a bunch of new blog post ideas coming up- now I just need to find time to write them. My potential new Filofax inserts are working really well, though I'm still battling with my changing-inserts-mid-year-OCD. As soon as I find time I'm going to tweak them a bit and see if the tweaks make them beat out my Franklin Covey inserts. At this point, they are going to be uber-personalized, but hey, it's my planner so I should put inserts into it that work for me, right?

On the family front, Frankie the dog and the husband are doing well, when I get the chance to see either of them. I think Frankie is pretty pissed that I've been gone so much- he literally ran out the door with me this morning and refused to go back inside. I guess he should get some extra attention once I get home tonight.

The rest of this week doesn't show any signs of slowing down. Especially since this weekend is the last before my stepfather's house sells- there is definitely more organizing/cleaning/sorting, etc. in my immediate future.

Any of you having one of those weeks? Let's hope that next week brings a less hectic work schedule- I have so many personal to-dos building up on my list!

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