Sneak Peak: Possible New Filofax Inserts!

Today I'm going to be a bit mean, giving you just a sneak peak of a random project I've been working on. You see, after writing my post on finding your own planner perfection, I began to wonder if I had really found planner perfection. Not necessarily with my Malden, which I'm pretty sure is as close to a perfect binder as can be, but with my diary.

So, I spent a few hours thinking about what I would want if I could have ANY type of insert, then designed something that comes really close. I've literally just printed it this morning, so I'm planning on testing it for at least a week before I report back and share the full details with you all. But I will tell you this- it's still two pages per day, but in a completely flipped layout. Hopefully this will take a few of my qualms of my Franklin Covey inserts and make them nonexistent.

Since I'm at work, they clearly aren't cut or punched yet- I'll be doing that as soon as I get home. I already have a few changes, hence the test run to see what really becomes of them. Who knows, I might discover that my FC inserts are better than I thought! But so far, these little homemade guys are looking pretty tempting- they might even be the first thing to make me switch inserts mid-year!

Stay tuned :)

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