On the Run, Again

Ok, I'm not on the run from the law or anything (or at least not that I know of). But I am running again!

Although I ran pretty consistently through the beginning of last year, even finishing my first 5k, I completely stopped from July until the end of the year. I could say that I was a bit busy, you know, planning a wedding and all, but there are really no valid excuses. I just stopped.

Fortunately, both Brian and I have been feeling the need to be a bit healthier lately. So, in addition to not grabbing for that second cookie, we've both decided to take up running again. I was honestly a bit scared- part of the reason I stopped last summer was because I suddenly couldn't finish the 5k runs I had so easily completed in the spring. It sucked.

But, last night, I decided to get over myself and go on my first run since July. I didn't set high standards- honestly I was expecting to be out of breath by the time I rounded the first corner. Then I ran 3.15 miles - without stopping or walking once! Granted, it was slow as hell, but I did it! Not only did I finish, but I barely got winded at all. I probably would have kept going, but my knees started feeling a bit strained. After four ankle breaks and multiple strains/sprains, etc., you quickly learn to listen to your body when it tells you to stop.

Regardless, it was a great start. I'm still half expecting to fail miserably next time I'm out there, but at least I learned that if I take it slow, I can get there! Yay for an inspirational run to get me back in the habit. Let's hope I keep this up!