Weekend wrapup

How is it Monday already? This past weekend was another of the crazy ones, made even crazier since it was the last official weekend that Brian and I have together to get things done. While we have two more weekends before the wedding, they are both packed with to-do's that will not keep us to-gether. Hehe.

This coming weekend forecasts two weddings for Brian (as a photographer, not a groom!) not to mention it is my bachelorette party (I think these are called hen parties to my readers overseas). So Brian will be out shooting a wedding Friday night and Saturday night, and I'll be leaving in the afternoon on Saturday to come back in the afternoon on Sunday. As much fun as I know this weekend will be, I also know nothing will get done house and wedding wise. Oh well.

Then the next weekend is Brian's bachelor party, where he and his groomsmen are heading away for the whole weekend to the Kentucky bourbon trail. Gotta admit, I'm a bit jealous! But, I'll be able to stay home, finalizing last minute wedding details and perfecting the house. Things will get done, just not things that we need to work on together.

That's why we worked double time to get as much done this past weekend as we could. It meant going pretty much nonstop, but at least we feel a bit more prepared for the insane last few weeks before the wedding. First off, we got our dining room to go from this:

To this:

Not only did we clear the dining room, but it even has a table in it now! I was FINALLY able to go to my stepdad's house and get the antique table that my mom and I restored together. Of course, I forgot to take a photo once we got it inside, but I'm thinking about doing a whole post on it anyways, so you'll get to see it.

Most of Saturday was spent cleaning our old apartment, cleaning and unpacking the new house, and finally buying some groceries. Then, while Brian was doing a few engagement photo shoots, I broke in our new oven with a batch of chocolate chip cookies and surprised Brian by making our favorite macaroni and cheese in the world, with a recipe from the mom of one of our best friends (he also happens to be the best man)! It was delicious!

By the time Saturday night rolled around we were exhausted- we even went to bed at 10:45, which pretty much a record for us since we usually are up well past midnight.

On Sunday, we completed the great table switch (which involved bringing a table from our old place to my stepdad's so we could switch it with the antique table that is now in our house's dining room). The table fun didn't stop there- we also ran around to find a table for our deck since our measly little balcony table simply looked pathetic. We found quite a few other things while out running our errands, including the perfect little fridge for our basement bar. Unfortunately, it wouldn't fit in the car, until I thought to remove the spare tire. The desire for a cold beer can be quite the motivator!

After some successful errands, we had a birthday party for my niece Ana, followed by pizza Sunday with Brian's parents. Then it was finally back home, which is thankfully finally looking a bit more like home instead of a disaster zone.

Even Frankie seems pretty content. This week promises more unpacking, cleaning and organizing. I'm hoping that the rain stops enough by the time I get off work so I can surprise Brian by getting the deck table set up. We'll see...

How was your weekend? Any table switcheroos? Or spend any time stuffing a mini fridge into a Subaru? Do tell!

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