Weekend wedding update

Wow. Time is going so fast that I didn't realize that I haven't given you all any wedding updates since I told you we decided on Costa Rica as our honeymoon location at the end of June! Shame on me...

Although I guess it is perfect timing, as this weekend kicks of the real weekend madness until the big day. I started the weekend (ok, I started today) by ordering my veil, and now I'm hoping it gets here in time for my hair trial in a few weeks. Tomorrow, after checking out our new (rental) house, we'll probably run some wedding-related errands, including hunting for more plates. I'm also hoping our napkins and silverware get here in time- I know B is just dying to help me do silverware rolls! But hey, he offered, so now he is stuck. We'll see how he is feeling after tying is 150th twine bow.

Sunday will be a more appointment filled day- we're starting by heading to the farmer's market to meet with our florist so we can go over final details for the bouquets and centerpieces. Because I am making all the arrangements myself, I want to be sure I know exactly what I need to get and how I should best prepare each arrangement. My mom was a master gardener, so I'll definitely be channeling her abilities for this! Then, we're heading straight over to meet our cake team, who I am sure will create an amazing wedding cake. I've never met them, but B has worked with them quite a bit in the town he covers for the newspaper, and swears their cakes not only look amazing, but taste amazing as well. Hopefully we'll be home in time to keep working on the salvaged farm house window I bought a few weekends ago and get the candy ordered for our vintage candy table. We actually saved an online shopping cart last weekend, filled with all of the candy we want to have (over 10 kinds). The day after I saved the cart online, the company contacted me to see if I had any trouble fulfilling the order and even offered a 10% discount code to use whenever the order placed. Always a bonus when you're ordering almost $200 of candy!

Next weekend is also wedding-planning heavy. After a final dress fitting on Saturday, my little sister and I will get our nails done so they look nice for our engagement photos on Sunday. Hopefully the no-chip manicure really lasts, because I'm definitely not paying to have my nails done again before my bridal shower, which is the following weekend (along with a hair trial).

Whew! We really are reaching the final few weeks here- my Filofax can prove it! Thankfully I have my "external brain" to help me remember everywhere I need to be, and when. I'd seriously be lost otherwise!

How about you all? Any exciting plans for this weekend? Or is it all about relaxation?

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