Help! Where should we go on our honeymoon?

Alright, lovely readers. Now I need some wedding help. While we are moving along with our wedding plans (we sent our save the dates and just made an appointment to meet a DJ company) one thing we've barely had time to think about is our honeymoon!

We do know a few things. We would definitely like to leave right away, as in later in the day of Sept. 9 or anytime Sept. 10 (our wedding is on Sept. 8). We also know that we would like to go somewhere tropical, since I doubt we'll win the lottery and head to Italy any time soon. So, we're thinking somewhere in the Caribbean. Brian is pretty much set on St. Maartin, since you can apparently "surf" in the jet stream of huge planes next to the airport. Typical boy, although it does sound pretty cool!

This is where you come in! Have any of you been on a trip/vacation/honeymoon somewhere in the Caribbean/Central America (or other tropical place) that you would recommend? Here are our other requirements:
Whew. Hopefully that doesn't make us too picky! Some things are definitely negotiable- the first and the last items on the list are the most important. We're willing to try anything- unless someone has an Italian villa they would be willing to donate?

If not, please leave a comment on anywhere in the Caribbean you've been and would recommend. I'd love to get as much detail as possible- what's included, costs (if you don't mind sharing, or you can email me at thecrazylifeofj[at] with those details) if a travel agency was used or where you went to book everything, etc. What was your favorite and least favorite? Any advice is completely appreciated, as we want to get moving on planning this- I can't believe it's almost six months away!

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!