Get ready for stickers!

In addition to being a Filofax nerd, I am a craft person. You name it, I've tried it. While some, like crochet, have stuck, I've also toyed with knitting, scrap booking, paper mache, needlepoint, clay sculpture, origami, mosaic, and many others. I can't help it- there's just something in my brain that love the challenges (and rewards) that crafting provides.

As the title probably gave away, my newest crafting endeavor is stickers. It's no secret that I love stickers, as you can read about here and here. But I always run across the same problem: they typically come in a huge pack and most of the time I only like a few of the designs included. So, I decided to make my own. And then it hit me. Ohmygosh, I can make my own FILOFAX stickers! Yes, I am the epitome of nerdiness.

Seriously though, as much as I love my sticker packs (I use both those by Filofax and Pam Socolow), there are always stickers I'd like to have, or the ones I really love don't have enough. For example, in my job I coordinate all of the public programs for the non-profit I work for. Therefore, I have a lot of work events. Not business meetings, like what is included in the (awesome) Pam Socolow sticker pack I have. And don't get me started on the small supply of "payment" stickers... have these people not heard of student loans?

Anywhoo, all of this really got me thinking about how I could create my own. So, with some existing stickers as a guide, I started designing. Even though my mind went wild with all of the options I could create, I stuck with a few for my trial: work events, donate blood, blog, grocery shop, and errands. While I know they need a bit of refining, I think they came out pretty darn well:

It's quite a crappy photo, so forgive me there. But they came out surprisingly well for a first attempt. Now I just need to refine the process a bit, and see where I can go.

Now, here's the exciting part, lovely readers. My main goal, once I perfect the system will be to sell packages of handmade stickers in my Etsy shop, which will open soon (you know I'll keep you updated). While the majority will be pre-made and ready to order, I'm also playing around with the idea of accepting custom orders, so you could potentially let me know exactly what type of stickers you need in your planner and I could create a custom pack just for you! Since these stickers fit perfectly with the width of a monthly Filofax personal box, the possibilities are endless. I personally use them on my monthly pages, but they could just as easily be used on daily or weekly sheets.

Like the owls above, I'll probably also have an assortment of other sticker options in all sizes. I may also take custom orders, but since they are all handmade by me, I'll have to see how demand goes. I'm still finalizing everything, but you know you'll be the first to know! As I prepare to make my first set of inventory, I have a few pick-your-brain questions since my readers and their interests provide so much of my inspiration!

What planner (or other) stickers would you all like to see? Anything that would make your life easier, but you can't find anywhere else? How many stickers of each design would you like to see? Since each sheet has 60, I'm thinking about doing packages of 120 (2 sheets) with 30 each of four designs. Are there any "themed" packs you'd like to see? (I'm thinking a parent pack, business pack, student pack, etc.)

Any other thoughts, suggestions, ideas, as I jump into the deep end with this endeavor? Think it's a good idea? Or should I run the other way?

As always, leave your comments below, and happy stickering!

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