Sticker problem solved!

Some of you may remember my sticker debate a few weeks ago. As usual, I found a sticker pack that I just had to have, bought it, and felt instantly guilty. The stickers were amazing, a collection of 2,300 planner stickers from Pam Socolow. And the price was right, I got them for just over $9 at Barnes and Noble. But, so many of the stickers were having-a-child related, something I am no where near!

Don't get me wrong, I love kids. But as PTA meetings and play dates aren't in my foreseeable future, I wondered if these were even worth keeping. Yet the non-kid stickers were so appealing...

So, I left it up to you all to vote. Not only did you overwhelmingly suggest I keep them, but friend and reader Sandra had an even better idea: a sticker trade! You see, she had been browsing a calendar website that had wedding planner stickers, of all things. So Sandra added the wedding planner stickers to her basket, and I got to work dissecting the kid stickers from the non-kid stickers in my pack. It wasn't pretty, but it worked.

I packed the stickers up in an envelope, and off they went. Shockingly, she got them the next day! Granted, we live about 45 minutes apart, but still. Unfortunately, I had to wait until my wedding stickers were first shipped to Sandra so she could forward them on to me. Since I have the patience of a two-year-old, I did my best to not force her into checking the tracking order on a hourly daily basis.

They arrived just after Thanksgiving, and were a lovely way to start the holidays. How cute are these guys?

Not to mention that Sandra included a lovely little note, and a surprise Filofax-sized notepad!

Unfortunately, I've only been able to use one of the stickers since our wedding planning is moving a bit slowly. But I excitedly put the "engagement party" sticker on December 30! Granted, we aren't having a traditional engagement party, more of a cocktail night for our bridal party so they can all meet each other, but I felt like it qualified. I'm so excited to be able to use the rest of them, especially the "I DO" sticker :)

I've also started to use a few of the Pam Socolow stickers this month, even though I thought I'd wait until the New Year (yeah right). My Malden is now happily adorned with cute stickers for business meetings, game nights, and holiday visitors. I am hoping to use the stickers in order to more effectively mark my monthly pages, which have sometimes been neglected this year in favor of the daily pages. But as the boxes are too tiny to write most events in, I plan to use the stickers to notate events and keep the details on the daily pages. Not to mention I'll be carrying three months of daily pages instead of six, so I'll have to depend on my monthlies more than ever. At least these stickers will make it more enjoyable!

Do you have stickers you depend on for your daily planning routine? Or just a few that you love and use just for fun?

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