What a weekend!

This was one of those weekends that I knew would be insanely busy, but I also knew would be a ton of fun. You know the kind-- where you dread looking at your planner because of over-scheduled days, yet you can't wait for 5 p.m. on Friday... this was one of those times.

It all started when I got off work Friday- I had to hurry home so Mr. B and I could go shopping for his sister's 21st birthday present, along with a few groceries for food I was bringing over Saturday night. Although it was late and B wasn't feeling so well, we were pretty successful in getting everything we needed.

Here's what we got for Julie's big 21- I call it the hangover kit. We got her Vitamin Water, eye drops, a McDonald's gift card for a greasy breakfast, ibuprofen, Bandaids, chocolate, stain remover wipes, breathmints, and of course, a cute little purse to put it all in. Thankfully, she loved it when she opened it last night.

When we got home from the store on Friday I got busy baking. For some reason, baking can relax me like nothing else in the world. But this time I was a bit stressed, since I promised my friend I would make the cake for their Tae Kwon Do school's annual test/21st anniversary/Grandmaster's birthday. No pressure there...

In the end (which was about 1 a.m., by the way) the cake turned out amazing- my fondant recipe worked so much better than the first time I made it. The cake was all set to go for Saturday morning:

Our school's Grand Master loved it, as did two Grand Master's visiting from Korea. Which is good, because I really wasn't feeling like trying to take on a bunch of 9th degree black belts!

After the test, I went shopping with B's sister, then headed home to get ready. Julie turned 21 today (technically) so we decided to go out at Midnight on Saturday. Once home from shopping, I got busy making two of her favorite appetizers, steak tips and my homemade salsa. Then it was time to shower, get ready, and head on over!

Of course, when going out, we girls throw reason to the wind and sacrifice pretty much anything to look good. While I normally don't go all out, I found a pair of shoes I just couldn't pass up. Turns out the rest of the girls brought out their best stilettos as well.

Mine are the ones at the bottom- super cute and only $10!!!

We bummed around the house for a few hours, then headed out for Julie's first "official" bar experience. Needless to say, she had fun.

For some reason, I feel like I look very old in this picture (I'm second from the left) but figured I'd make a sacrifice for the sake of weekend-documentation!

We didn't get home until about 3:30, but it was worth it to see Jules have such a good time. Not to mention I barely drank, so no hangover for me :)

Today has been pretty relaxed- woke up and read for a while, made coffee, then headed over to B's parent's house for a birthday brunch with the family. B had to go to work, but I stayed and watched most of the Bears game. Then, after a quick stop at the car wash, I headed home.

It's 6:52 now, and almost the end of the weekend. But not before one more exciting event- the first ever Malden and wine video chat with Kanalt, Zoe, Sandra, and myself. I've been fortunate enough to meet Kanalt and Sandra in person- I know one day I'll meet Zoe too- but I'm definitely looking forward to a little virtual girl time!

Did you all have a crazy weekend? Or did you spend time relaxing? Please share in the comments!

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