(Surprise) birthday bash

We have a few big birthday's to celebrate in B's family this year. His dad turns the big 5-0 in September, and his little sister turns 21 in November. But the first to celebrate was his mom, who also hit 50 (even though she says she doesn't feel it!)

Of course we completely ignored her request for no parties, and instead decided to throw her a surprise birthday bash. It goes without saying that she really was shocked:

We had invited not only close friends and family, but a few people she hadn't seen in quite some time. It was really amazing to be able to pull this off for her :)

My pictures are pretty awful- I was trying to get shots as fast as I could! It took her a bit to get settled, since she didn't expect 30+ people in her house when she got home. But she really had a good time, and that's what made it amazing.

My last minute birthday cake. Literally, I was working on it until about 15 minutes before they walked in the door. Everyone was impressed, even though I was unhappy with how it turned out. I come from a family of amazing cooks and bakers, so I expect a lot of myself! I'll have to post a picture of the amazing Tom and Jerry cake my sister did for her son's 7th birthday party- it makes this look like it came from an Easy Bake Oven! But it was fun, and most importantly it tasted great!

Cheesing it up: B's little sister Julie, mom, me! Such a fun day :)

Now we need to get planning for the rest of this year's birthday festivities! Something tells me the 21st birthday party is going to do me in...

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