My 2012 Filo system finalized! (I think...)

Well, it's that time of year. The time of year where I, along with several other Filo freaks around the globe, start frantically trying to finalize our 2012 systems. Why we do this, I have no idea, since we are bound to change it a billion times throughout the year anyway...

And yes, I called you all freaks. But I said it lovingly, and you know it's true.

Regardless of how many times my system will change next year, I think I've got something down I'm bound to love at least through January.

Of course, I had to write out my thoughts. As many of you know or read, I finally chose to use Franklin Covey DPP inserts for next year. It took a while, but I finally got there. Now, I have spent way too much time customizing my tabs to just banish all of my Filo inserts, so I'm adjusting to a system many have said is unthinkable!

Yep, for 2012 I plan to have my wider FC diary pages in the back of my Malden, while still maintaining my Filo-sized inserts and tabs in the front. While I thought this would drive me nuts, it is kinda nice to have a separation between my diary and the rest of my tabs.

Since I'm keeping most of my tabs the same, my big decisions involved the diary section. At first, I considered keeping six months of DPP in, with all 12 months of Mo2P, a year planner, and birthday/anniversary sheets. But this looked bulky, not to mention it meant I could never fit my swing pad or the Post-It accessory (which I've already removed but am missing terribly).

I love a full binder, but since I'm prone to stick a million Post-Its, paper-clipped items, etc. in my Malden throughout the year, I just knew I didn't want to start out with a bursting-at-the-seams book. Plus, having six months of DPP in there made the monthly tabs stick out way too far for my liking.

So, I begrudgingly took out three months of DPP and then gladly re-inserted my swing pad and Post-It accessory. And yes, I know that the swing pad only takes up valuable ring space, but I love it and it allows me to use the back pocket for notecards, stamps, etc!

But while three months did look much better from the side...

I was still facing the issue of the tabs sticking out a tad farther than I'd like. Much better than before, mind you, but still a bit far.

Going a completely different route, I decided to move the whole FC section back up front, keeping my other tabs behind my diary as they are for 2011:

...which I instantly realized would drive me crazy! Way too goofy looking, not to mention the difficulty of writing on the wider FC pages with the narrow Filo pages behind.

In the end, I went back to the original plan- three months of DPP inserts, with a year planner and all 12 months of Mo2P, all located in the BACK! Although I'd ideally carry more months of daily pages, one of my goals is to use the monthly pages more for advanced planning- they get neglected a bit from time to time these days. Plus, if I only carry three months, I have plenty of space for all of my favorite inserts AND even a potential new tab. I haven't decided if I want to add another tab, but it is quite nice to know I can and still have room.

Now, let's see how many times I change this before the New Year...

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