A promise is a promise

Well, it is almost 1 a.m here. B and I board an 8:20 flight and I still haven't finished packing. But, I made a promise. I said I would put up more Malden pictures by the end of the night, and I intend to keep my word.

First off, I love the Malden! I've had it a week now, and am finally moved in and at home. It's amazing- I feel even more effective and organized in the Malden than I did in the Domino, even though they are both wonderful Filos. There is just something so beautiful about the Malden- I know I'm not the only obsessed one out there!

Anyway, I'm wandering off track. My set up remained pretty close during the move, although I really evaluated what I used in the Domino, and what ended up being rather pointless. Recipes, for example. Yes, they are great and very Filo friendly, but do I need to carry them with me all the time? Probably not. And addresses- I love having a paper trail of addresses, but do I really need to waste the space carrying them with me daily, especially when I can always send something from home later on? Definitely not. So I made some changes.

First off, a side view. How beautiful does that look? I'm obsessed with all of my tabs and labels, but more on that later!

Or now! I found these awesome tabbed dividers at a local shop, they remind me of the old school hanging file folders. They are made by Filofax, although I've never seen them online.

My new tabs are: Diary, Lists, Blog, Me & Etc. I think these are pretty self explanatory, and seem to be working way better than my last set up.

This time around I felt like I needed more subcategories, so I copied borrowed Kanalt's amazing idea with the magnificent top tabs by Avery. I used them to split up the Lists, Blog, and Me tabs. So far they are working like a charm and are keeping me much more organized.

I also got rid of my original printed divider tabs. As much as I loved them, I felt they were very limiting as I would need to buy a whole new set if I wanted to change my tab layout. Since the new tabs are very easily interchangeable, I wanted to keep the divider itself very fun, but not category specific. 
So I found some scrapbook paper, a glue stick and some Zots, and came up with these:

The front of my binder remains very much the same. I have some paper clips in the zipper pocket. My driver's license and debit/credit cards are in the slots, as the Malden doubles as my wallet. I also have the train schedule and pass and a jot pad. 

And look, B even made it back onto the front page!

I am especially in love with the back of the Malden- I have yet to use a notepad in the pocket, but have found it is perfect for stamps and mini note cards. I have a few small greeting cards in the vertical pocket, just in case I manage to forget a birthday, or I just want to drop someone a note. I don't keep a pen in the loop- you can see it is still perfectly flat!

And, as a bonus, this is why I don't keep pens in the Malden. I get a bit crafty from time to time, and came up with this instead of purchasing a pen bag. Parts of it were a pain in the butt, but in the end it was well worth it!

Well, that's about all I can think of. Those who will be at the NYC Meet-up will of course see more tomorrow today, but for those who can't make it feel free to ask questions, etc in the comments!

Now I'm off to finish packing so I can get to bed!

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