Color Update: what's going on in my Malden

You may recall I did a post a while back asking for pen advice. Well, color advice at least. While I had a lot of pretty colors to use, I just didn't know what to use them for.

It took me a while, but I think I've finally got a system down. My new colors are as follows:

Black: work appointments
Blue: Social appointments/events
Purple: work to-dos
Pink: personal to-dos
Orange: Stuff for B's schedule
Red: reminders/notifications
Dark Green: money and paydays
Light/Olive Green: workouts/fitness
Light Blue: daily gratitude list

Now, I've only finalized this in the last week or so-- I really hope it doesn't change too much. The only thing I don't have a color for is my weather doodles, which may just end up being the light blue of the gratitude list. We'll see. 

I am really liking the system so far- it makes my day so much easier to just be able to look down and instantly have some idea of what I've got going on. Plus, it just makes my day so much prettier :)

How do you all use color to organize or liven up your planners?

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