Oh, the colors!

Okay my lovely readers, I need some help. Now that I have gone beyond using just the boring black ink in my Filo, I have found that while my pages look lovely, the different colors aren't really helping my system.

This is mainly because I haven't really taken the time to delegate what colors should be used for each aspect of my day. I have read many blogs where the writers have perfectly tuned systems for their color coding, and am hoping to gain from their experiences.

At this point, I pretty much only have black delegated to writing in timed appointments- the rest of my colors are used based on what is closest and my mood at the moment!

So, tell me, what do you use your colors for, and/or what should I use my colors for? Just for reference, I always carry black, blue, orange, purple and pink. I also carry my Lamy, but since the color changes every few weeks, I usually reserve it for special events or general note/letter writing.

Please comment below on how you use your colors or how you think I should use mine!

p.s. My apologies on the crappy photography- these were taken on my phone since my card reader is at home!

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