When Malden enablers attack!

Wow, what a weekend it has been for my Filo-obsessed self! First, I got to meet Sanrda (aka Skhen) for our Mini Midwest Meet-up. I finally got to hold a Crimson Malden, which was supposed to (and I suppose did) make my Gray verses Crimson Malden battle a lot easier. As I mentioned in another post, I was hoping to hate the red, so I could let the mental battle go and wait for the Gray to be released in the U.S. Too bad the color was more beautiful than I could have imagined!

On Sunday, I got to participate in my very first Philofaxy Skype chat- it was SO nice to be able to hear the voices of the people that I "talk" to almost every day. Although I did realize after about 10 minutes into the voice chat that out of the five people chatting (including me) FOUR of them had the Crimson Malden! Low and behold, I was the only one who had not yet succumbed to this beautiful binder. Note the "not yet" in that sentence...

Long story short, almost two hours of the chat led me to browsing Pens and Leather. This led to me seeing they had free shipping on orders over $75 AND a 10% off Mother's Day promotion. Which led me to "accidentally" adding a Personal Crimson Malden to my shopping cart.

You read that right: I AM NOW THE PROUD OWNER OF A PERSONAL CRIMSON MALDEN! FINALLY!!! Well, at least I will be when Pens and Leather ships my order. So far it is in the shipping department of the store. Don't worry, I'll keep you all updated when I check the status. Which is every five minutes. All day.

So, my enablers, please don't take offense at this post's title- it is really a positive thing. I don't know what it is about my personality, but I feel like I need to gather every opinion and do every bit of research before making a decision. It was really quite perfect that I had a group of people who didn't fear sharing their exact opinion on my purchase!

Now I just have to wait. From what I've heard, the site ships fast. Just not fast enough for my liking. This is, after all, my first "proper" Filo, and I can't wait!

I am so excited that I have been reconsidering my entire system. I've realized that the WO2P format just doesn't have enough space for me; luckily P&L was selling their DPP for almost half off! But I need something more, so I think I will combine a month view and the dailies and see how that works. I headed to Target after work today since I remember seeing a bunch of drastically reduced inserts, but unfortunately they had all sold out. They also didn't carry the Avery mini tabs, which I want to use in the Malden after stealing borrowing Kanalt's genius idea. They did, much to my delight, carry the Pilot Frixion pens in the three pack of purple, orange, and pink, which I have yet to find anywhere else. Too bad Bri saw them as soon as I walked in the door and immediately asked what I was doing with more pens. Oops.

I think I'll stop at Staples at some point tomorrow to see what monthlies they have left, and to see if they carry the mini tabs. I just want to be prepared to dress my new Malden up as soon as he arrives! Hopefully he gets here this week so I have plenty of time to get him ready for his big premiere at the New York Meet-up, where he is sure to meet several famous Filos!

So tell me, my fellow Malden lovers, what is your absolute FAVORITE detail about the Malden? And if you don't yet have one, what draws you to this well-loved binder?

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